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How do i get a marriage certificate

how do i get a marriage certificate

Ordering Marriage Certificate

This office records the marriage certificate which is proof that a marriage ceremony was performed in Clark County. The marriage official who performs the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to this office for recording. Normally a certified copy of the certificate would be available one day after the certificate has been received from the official.

Certified Copies:

CERTIFIED COPY - A certified copy of a marriage certificate is a copy of the original certificate that was issued by the Clerk, signed by the Officiant and recorded in our office. The copy is created from an image that we have

in digital format or on microfilm. The copy is printed on paper stock that incorporates security features. All marriage certificate copies are certified on the front with a raised seal.

CERTIFIED ABSTRACT OF MARRIAGE: A Marriage Abstract is a certified document that may be used for some U.S. agencies and some foreign countries.

How Do I Order a Marriage Certificate?

Online. You may order documents online using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).

You may pay by cash, credit card, money order or cashier's checks. (Payable in US Dollars on a US Bank) Personal checks are not accepted.

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