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How to get police clearance certificate in india

how to get police clearance certificate in india

police clearance certificate attestation

Police clearance certificate from India

To apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, the applicant is required to fill a Miscellaneous Application Form No. 2. The application form is available at the Passport Office at a cost of Rs.5/- or can be downloaded from this website. The filled-in application form may be submitted personally or through a representative having identity document and authority letter signed by the applicant as per Annexure 'L'. Only one set of application is necessary unless specified otherwise by the officer concerned.

Documents Required

    Valid Passport in original. Proof of residence A set of three completed Personal Particulars Form

( if the applicant has not stayed at the present address for the last one year)

Please enclose additional two sets of completed pp forms for each additional place of residence.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued on the basis of an unambiguously clear Police Verification Report received in respect of the passport held by the applicant. However, while applying for

PCC if it is observed by the passport official that the police report received at the time of issue of the applicant's passport was ambiguous but not adverse, the applicant may be asked to approach the concerned Police authority under whose jurisdiction his/her residence falls and obtain a Local Police Certificate on the basis of which, on a case to case basis, issue of PCC may be considered by the RPO. In this case, the applicant will be asked to submit three sets of completed Application Form.


District Police Office,

Subject: Application for issuance of PCC


It is requested that a Police Clearance Certificate

may be issued to me for visa/immigration purpose. My

personal particulars are as follows:

Full Name (Expanded Initials) __________________________________________________________

Sex _____________________________________________________________________________

Previous Name (in case the name has been changed)_______________________________________

Date of Birth ______________________________________________________________________

Occupation _______________________________________________________________________

Father (Full Name) __________________________________________________________________

Mother (Full Name) _________________________________________________________________

Spouse (Full Name) _________________________________________________________________

Permanent Address _________________________________________________________________


Present Address ____________________________________________________________________

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