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How to get public liability insurance

how to get public liability insurance

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Why do I need public liability cover?  

Public liability claims can happen to anyone. While you do your best to get everything right, a minor slip-up or accident can lead to claims running into the tens of thousands of pounds.

You go to people

Do you work on other people’s property? Or do you visit clients and suppliers? Here are the kinds of accident claims that can arise:

  • You’re a joiner  who has knocked a nail into a hidden pipe
  • You’re a gardener  who’s left tools on a veranda and someone’s tripped over them

People come to you

Do you have

customers visiting you? Can members of the public access your yard, car park or other area connected to your business? Here are some examples of claims:

  • You’re a hairdresser  and a customer burns themselves on hot straighteners
  • You’re a consultant working from home  and a visitor  trips over uneven paving

You supply food and drink

You are also protected if you accidentally breach food safety or consumer protection laws. Imagine what would happen if:

  • You run a mobile food business and accidentally use out of date ingredients
  • You‘re a caterer  and someone gets scalded by a hot drink you give them

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