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How to get renters insurance

how to get renters insurance

Things You'll Need

Itemized list of your belongings

Make the Right Moves Before You Get Renters Insurance

Itemize your belongings, and document each major item with a photograph, keeping these photos in a place where your risk of loss is minimized. This may mean you need to leave copies of the photos with a friend or store the pictures electronically.

List the purchase cost of each item and include how much it may cost to replace it.

Decide whether you want renters insurance to pay the current value of your belongings (your initial cost minus the amount it depreciated) or whether you want a policy to pay the amount it would cost to replace your belongings.

Assess whether you will need to get additional coverage, called a rider or a floater policy, because of specific, high-value jewelry, electronic equipment, stereo equipment, musical instruments, furniture

or other items.

Determine whether or not you will need additional insurance coverage because you live in an area that is prone to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides or other "acts of God."

Estimate how much you can afford to pay out of your own pocket if a damaging event, accident, or theft takes place.

Get Renters Insurance

Find a reputable insurance company that operates in your state, and ask its representative for a quote.

Compare your renters insurance quote with quotes from at least two other insurance companies at (see Resources below).

Check the ratings of your top three companies.

Decide from which company you want to purchase insurance. Choose a company that has a good rating, an excellent customer-service reputation and competitive pricing. Contact the company's representative to arrange the terms of the policy, including the starting date and payment.

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