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SAS 70 Type II Security

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Is SurveyAnalytics SAS 70 Type II certified?

SurveyAnalytics has completed its SAS 70 Type II audit for its colocation facilities in Seattle. This audit, by an independent accounting firm, signifies that SurveyAnalytics’s data center security and operational procedures have been reviewed and tested to validate that controls and processes have been suitably designed, are operating effectively; and they protect and safeguard customers’ equipment and data. The Type II audit is generally seen as being more stringent than a Type I review.

Why is SAS 70 Type II ceritification important?

Customers that select SurveyAnalytics as their service provider can be confident that they

are entrusting their business to a partner that employs the highest standards of performance in the following areas:

Security: Only authorized SurveyAnalytics employees are granted access to the data center

Service Availability: Redundant HVAC and UPS systems ensure that mechanical and electrical failures will not result in an outage

Reliability: Critical facility systems (i.e. smoke detection, cooling, and power) are continuously monitored as well as inspected and serviced regularly to ensure effective operation

Route-Optimized Internet Connectivity -- SurveyAnalytics's Performance IPTM Internet connectivity is the single most important factor in keeping online connections performing optimally.

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