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How to get sba certification

"Give Us 4 Hours and We'll Show You How To Obtain Your 8(a) Certification - using our 5-step easy system RISK FREE. We've personally obtained our 8(a) certification - and now we're showing others how to acquire theirs. Want to be Next?"

Owner of Dye IT Consulting, Inc.

H ard to believe? Let us prove it to you. If our Incredible System doesn't get your company 8(a) certified, we'll refund 100% your purchase (yes, that's cash back in your pocket--how's that for abundance?) on the spot.

Just Imagine the major boost you'll receive to your bottom line, by doing business with one of the largest customers in the world. The Federal Government.

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Which One of These Industries Will Your Company Capitalize On Using Our Incredible System?

As you may know, President Obama signed a Stimulus Plan (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) in February of 2009 that would be used to create over 4 million jobs. In order to do that, a large portion (billions) of the stimulus money will be distributed to a number of federal and state agencies. These agencies will be looking to buy YOUR products and services. Services such as:

    Manufacturing Wholesaling Agriculture General & Heavy Construction Special Trade Construction Services Retailing

Which One of These Federal Agencies Will Be Beating Down Your Door Begging You For Your Products and Services After Using Our Secret Formula?

Did you know that every year, government agencies are required by law to purchase a percentage of products and services from 8(a) certified companies? Imagine. After You get 8(a) certified using our system, these agencies will be thrilled at the opportunity to do business with you. Some of these agencies waiting on you are:
    Agriculture Department Army Corps of Engineers Defense Department Environmental Protection Agency General Services Administration Health and Human Services Department Homeland Security Department Interior Department NASA

Invest in our proven system today --- which you can listen to or read right where you're sitting right now --- and you'll also get to view a "never before seen" video that will substantially speed up the time it takes to get 8(a) certified - yours FREE!

How I Went From Being Practically Homeless To Landing A Commercial Contract With One Of The Largest Companies in the World.

There I was. 1 1/2 years into my first job out of school with the local Gas Company. Everything was moving along so smoothly for me and then it happened.

The Gas Company called a meeting and announced that there will be layoffs the next day. That next day, I turn out to be one of the lucky people that got let go. I'm not saying that as a joke either. I was really lucky because I wouldn't be successful as I am today if it wasn't for that situation.

"I Was Devastated When I Lost My Job. I Had A Mortgage, No Income, and A

Negative Bank Account. But It Turned Out To Be A Blessing. "

I t was true. I had been unemployed for over a year at that point, the severance check had run out, my bank account had turned negative, my mortgage had fell behind in payments, and I was literally living off a few credit cards that were nearly maxed out.

I remember walking down the grocery store aisle literally in tears because I did not know if I had enough money left on the credit cards to pay for my groceries.

And Then It Happened.

I was a complete wreck emotionally and I felt like a had no where else to turn. I had hit rock bottom! I remember this one day where it felt so bad that I literally got on my hands and knees and prayed to GOD to help me. Little did I know at the time that this moment would be the start of great things to come.

I remember having a dream that night. I remember a voice saying to me in this dream, "You are where you are because of the choices you made in the past. And the choices you make today will determine your future.". I know to most people those statements seem like common sense. But for someone struggling like I had been, these statements really hit home.

I Took Action.

I made up in my mind that day to change my situation and to take ACTION. I no longer focused on where I was in life, but where and what I was going to be in the future. I soon began doing I.T. Consulting work to help me get back on track financially.

I was blessed to have met some great mentors along the way and that helped tremendously. I soon began formulating a system to acquire both commercial and federal contracts. Much of this system was developed over the countless hours of study, hard work, and networking.

Which Major Company Took A Chance On Me And Gave My Company A Contract?

After all the persistence and hard work I put in, I landed an I.T. contract with my first major company. It was with The Home Depot and their Supply Chain Division. I would have never imagined years before that I would be in this position. I did such a great job on the 1st contract with them that they gave my company a 2nd contract!

I say all this to make a point.

No matter where you or your business are financially, you can make a change. YOU must make the decision and YOU must take ACTION.

We've developed a system called The SureFire 8(a) Certification Kit to put you on a path to improving your financial situation. Having an 8(a) certification is practically a must have for minority owned businesses if they want to get their foot in the door to excel in government contracting.

"What Others Say About Our Incredible System"

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