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How to get teacher certification

how to get teacher certification

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Contact a public school or educational facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In order for you to receive an emergency teaching permit, there must an open teaching position. In some cases the school district will hire substitute teachers and temporary teachers, and in other cases school districts get their substitutes and temporary teachers from the county intermediate unit. Each school district or educational facility may have its own specific requirements regarding teacher training or application supplements. The school district or educational facility will also provide you with the required application forms.

Obtain and complete the "General Application For Pennsylvania Certificate Form PDE 338 G" and "Emergency Permit/ACT 97 Waiver Agreement Form PDE 338 E." Form 338 G is the application for an emergency permit, and requires that you provide your name, address, contact information, citizenship information, bachelor's degree information, criminal history, child abuse investigation history and a health certificate. The health certificate must be signed by a doctor. Form 338 E requires that you fill out Section IV if you are applying for a "Type 01" position. You

will also have to submit official transcripts from your college showing that you have earned your bachelor's degree. Some, but not all, school districts or educational facilities will require that you submit a child abuse clearance, a criminal history check, and an FBI criminal history, while others only require it depending on your answers to the questions on Form 338 G.

Submit your forms and supplemental materials to the school district or educational facility where you wish to teach. The school district or educational facility will complete the rest of the necessary documents and submit them to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The school district or educational facility will also schedule you for any required teacher training that it requires. You may also have to submit an application fee of $40 or $100 after July 1, 2010, for the Department of Education forms, and there may be additional fees that you must pay to the school district or educational facility.

Attend any required teacher training program. If a teacher training program is required, you must attend it in order to receive your emergency certification.

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