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How Do I Obtain A Replacement Medicare Card?

how do i get a new medicare card

If you lose your Medicare card, you can get it replaced fairly easily from the Social Security website.

Even the most organized person can lose his Medicare Card. Sometimes a wallet or a purse containing a card can get stolen. The loss of your Medicare insurance card may not be as problematic as losing your money, your credit cards and your driver’s license but it is still serious issue. Getting a replacement card is not a difficult process.

Who Handles Medicare Card Replacement Requests?

Applications for Medicare and applications for replacement Medicare cards are handled through the Social Security Office. The easiest way to obtain a replacement card is to fill out the application found on the web site. The web application works like all other web forms. You fill out the required fields and a few weeks you will receive a replacement Medicare card in the mail.

Options to the Online Interface

Not everyone is comfortable with the use

of computers yet, and some people do not wish to learn them. The online form may be convenient for people who do not wish to make a trip to their local social security office, but some people may prefer the face-to-face option. If you request a new Medicare replacement card from the office, you must provide the office with proof of your own identity. A driver’s license fulfills the identity requirement in mot cases.

Until you obtain your Medicare replacement card, you may have problems having your prescriptions filled or making a doctor’s appointment. The Social Security Office will be able to issue temporary proof if the medication or doctor’s visit is an urgent medical need. The replacement Medicare card should arrive in the mail within 30 days of making the initial request. The card will be sent to the address that the Social Security Office has for you. If you have moved recently, make sure to register the change with Medicare and Social Security.

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