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This 130-hour certificate program prepares novice instructors to successfully live and teach English overseas. Over 100 TESL/TEFL Certificate graduates have been employed in over 40 countries with the help of ALI's job placement assistance program. This program combines a solid teaching foundation with hands-on practical classroom experience. Specialized sessions – language acquisition theory, teaching specific language skills, effective second language teaching methods, understanding the English language learner, classroom atmosphere and management, lesson preparation, and materials development - provide participants the tools that they need to successfully apply for, and perform teaching assignments abroad.

Program Highlights and Goals

  • Worldwide Job Placement Assistance

Job placement assistance is provided to graduates.

  • Lesson Strategies and Plans

    Students learn how to teach reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, and writing.

  • Teaching Strategies

    Students learn standardized test preparation (e.g. TOEFL), business English, and

    how to work with younger learners.

    An experienced mentor teacher is assigned to each participant.

  • Teacher Assistant

    Participants rotate though actual ESL classes with international students as a teaching assistant.

  • Language Acquisition

    A working knowledge of the theoretical aspects of language acquisition and communicative language teaching are taught.

  • EFL Teaching Methodologies

    Students learn the most effective methods to teach and present English grammar and explain structural patterns in ways that help improve international students’ communicative abilities.

    Support is provided with the creation of international teaching curriculum vitae.

  • Student-centered Techniques

    Students learn how to manage a communicative classroom using small groups.

  • Reflective Teaching

    Students learn through peer teaching and actual classroom teaching with feedback from experienced teachers.

    Participants learn about new technologies and practice using technology in the classroom.

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