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How to get the birth certificate

how to get the birth certificate


I'm going to address these a little out of order.

First the name thing. I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about the child's name. The mother is the one that has the power to make all decisions regarding name, there is no way to override that decision.

The birth certificate actually has little bearing on you or her. This is her way of acknowledging the father, but you still are entitled to all your parental rights, and responsibilities, regardless of rather your on the certificate. At most your not being on the certificate could mean that you have to get a paternity test to prove your the father if you attempt to claim custody or visitation rightes and she refuses to acknowledge you as the fatther. You would have to go through the exact same process with

a paternity test to get your name on the birth cetificate, so your not saving yourself any hassle by getting on the birth certificate now. Besides if she claims child support (or accepts it) she is essentially acknowledging you as the father and ensuring you can claim your rights to custody/visitation without a paternity test.

So my advice is don't bother with the birth certificate. I know you may hate not being on it, but it's a fight that can only hurt you. Focus instead on working with her to stay in the child's life and to work together as parents, ideally without having to get the court involved. Trust me when I say the court system should be a last resort, relationships just tend to degrade the moment you have to go to court.

rolranx · 5 years ago

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