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How to Get Welding Certification

how to get welding certification

The American Welding Society or AWS provides certification to individuals who pass the test in an accredited testing facility.

In most schools, basic and fundamental skills in welding are taught to senior high school students. These skills are taught for simple understanding and knowledge about the household application of welding. However, some students want to delve in deeper in studying welding and pursue a career in it.

For those who want to build a career in welding. it is important to get a welding certification. Any person who wants to work as a professional welder must first acquire a welding certification in order to find employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, may it be in construction or production factory or anything in between. A welding certification will basically validate that you, as a welder, have a specific level of skill and training. Your potential employers need to know that you are acquainted with the proper use of equipment and the safety regulations as this trade requires the handling and use very hot torches.

Welding Education and Training

The first thing you need to do to get a welding certification is to learn all the proper welding techniques for the job. There are short programs that are available from both community and career colleges. Typically, there are three levels of welding classes of about 8 to 12 weeks

in length. These are the introductory, intermediate and advanced welding classes which combine both theoretical and applied or hands-on training with welding equipment.

However, many opt to learn the skills they need on the job and not through completing a welding program in a post-secondary school or institution. Training can be provided by a machine mechanic, a certified welder or a related tradesperson. Skills need to be practiced in order to be improved. It takes time and effort to create a smooth, strong weld.

Obtaining the Certified Welder Title

There is no specific formal training or experience that is required in order to get a welding certification in the United States. To get a welding certification, a candidate needs to apply to the American Welding Society (AWS) to complete their Certified Welder Test. The candidate must be able to successfully present and complete a sound weld for an AWS certified welding inspector. The test must be taken and completed in an AWS accredited testing facility. The candidate’s weld will be evaluated using the welding procedure specification which includes several things such as fit-up, assembly and position.

The requirements for getting a welding certification are different depending on the country or state. To qualify for a higher position in welding jobs, a higher and more advanced welding certification is required.

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