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Chosing a Yoga Teacher Certification Program That Is Right For You

Many studios are now offering their own yoga teacher certification programs, so a great place to start is with your favorite studio. If you practice a specific style, such as Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram or Jivamukti you will want to limit your search to the schools with yoga teacher certification programs approved by your chosen style. You can research the different yoga styles in our online style guide .

You have several decision points to help winnow the field if this leaves you a plethora of choices. Investigate the terms of the yoga teacher certification program being offered: is it a residency for one or more months, or a weekend program you can participate in alongside your everyday life. Some yoga teacher certification programs demand only one weekend day per week and several classes a week with occasional full weekends. There are even intensive yoga teacher certification programs that pack all the contact hours into 7-9 days and the rest of the hours occur as distance learning. Find the yoga teacher certification program that fits with your available time and lifestyle.

Inquire about the support available after you’ve completed your yoga teacher certification. If you study at your studio, what are the chances you can teach there afterward? Is part of your yoga teacher certification program geared toward preparing you for the business of becoming a

teacher. Do you receive any personal one-on-one or small group time with your lead teacher?

Consider your goal for getting your yoga teacher certification. Are you primarily seeking to deepen your own practice or is your burning desire to lead large classes of yogis ten times a week? Maybe you really want to teach a weekly class at the Senior Center or at your children’s daycare. Or maybe you’re seeking and unsure of your ultimate goal. Whatever your motivation, becoming as clear as possible before selecting your yoga teacher certification program will go a long way toward clarifying your choices. If you want to earn a living as a teacher, you will need not only a high degree of expertise, but quite a bit of experience in order to begin. You’ll also require a background in business if you’re not already business minded. Make no mistake, as a teacher you are an independent contractor with tax obligations and insurance needs. Learning about these things after spending the time to get your yoga teacher certification can squelch your buzz.

Once you’ve completed the course of study by the certified school of your choice, you fill out paperwork provided by the Alliance and pay the yearly fee. Initial yoga teacher certification takes about six weeks and needs to be renewed yearly, requiring that you take 30 hours of continuing education to keep up with your yoga teacher certification.

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