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How to Get CNA Certification in Your State

how to get your cna certification

Your state health board can tell you how to get CNA certification . A local school that offers nursing assistant training can usually give you this info as well. A high school diploma or GED may or may not be required. However, you will have to possess a high school reading level. You’ll also have to have a negative TB test or have chest X-rays taken. When you apply for the CNA license after your training, a background check will be required as a protective measure.

Generally, how to get CNA certification is answered by enrolling at a college or vocational school that offers the necessary nursing assistant training. In some cases, you can obtain your training directly from a hospital or long-term care facility. This allows you to earn a wage while getting your training, and your training will usually be free. Classroom instruction, as well as lab courses, make up part

of the training. You’ll also have to do some supervised clinical training. Usually, these classes will average around 100 hours or so. Some schools allow you to use the nursing assistant training as transfer credit if you decide to take your studies further.

The last part of the process of how to get CNA certification involves taking an exam. This will either be the nationally-recognized NNAAP exam or another exam set by your state’s health board. Passing this exam is required to become licensed or employed as a nurse aide. A written section includes a series of multiple-choice questions, normally from 50 to 70. The topics cover material learned in your classes. You’ll also have to demonstrate a few of your skills using a volunteer. Once the exam has been passed, your name will be listed in the nurse aide registry. If your state requires paper licenses, one will be mailed to you.

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