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How to Get Your Insurance License in Arizona

how to get your insurance license

Getting your insurance license in Arizona might feel a little overwhelming, but really, it should be simple and easy.

Step 5: Fingerprints ($20)

Step 6: Complete license application ($120+$22)

Total cost to get licenses $355.95

Step 1: Determine license type (Life and Health)

There are several types of insurance licenses. To keep it simple, all you need is the ‘Life Only’ license to sell final expense in Arizona. In some states you will find an actual ‘final expense’ license but  DO NOT get it.  You will greatly limit yourself in the products you can sell.  Make sure to get the full ‘Life Only’ license.

Step 2: Study for exam

The state of Arizona does not require you to complete a pre-licensing course before you can take the exam. However, it’s still a good idea to enroll in a course. I prefer online study, because you can complete it at your own pace. There are many courses to choose from, but I like ExamFX which costs about $149.95 for online study.

Step 3: Schedule the exam

When you feel like you are about a week away from being ready for your exam, go ahead and schedule it.

Arizona uses Prometric testing services, and the testing fee is $44.

Step 4: Take the test

The test takes 1-2 hours and normally has about 150 questions. Be sure to bring identification. Show up on time and be prepared. The testing centers will not let you take the test if you show up


Step 5: Fingerprints

The state of Arizona requires you to submit fingerprints for a background check. This can be done at the testing center for a $20 fee.

Step 6: Apply for your license

When you finish your test you will receive a pass/fail grade. If you pass you will be able to apply for the license at a kiosk in the testing center. Be sure to print and fill out Form L-169 and bring it with you to the testing center

The license fee is $120 plus a $22 FBI fingerprint processing fee (this is separate from the fee you pay to have your fingerprints taken..

Step 7: Hurry up and wait!

This is the annoying part of the process. Once you pass the test you have to wait for the state to issue the license. This takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending how busy they are. If 2 or more weeks pass without licensing approval, you should call the state department of insurance and inquire. There are a million reasons your application could get held up, and the state usually won’t contact you if there is a problem.

It’s a good idea to study your sales training while you are waiting for the state to issue your license. Once it is finally issued you can start working immediately to get appointed with your company(ies) and start writing business!  Check out to learn step-by-step sales methods, tips, and techniques.

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