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TN 8759 - How do I Install Server Certificate on Microsoft Lync Server 2013 ?

Question: How do I Install Server Certificate on Microsoft Lync Server 2013?

Answer: Complete the steps below:

1. Save and copy the server certificate file to your Lync Server or the storage that can be accessed by your Lync Server. The default file name of this server certificate file is entrustcert.crt.

2. Click on the Lync Server Deployment Wizard icon on Start screen (Windows Server 2012 version) to launch the wizard screen for deployment wizard.

3. Click on Install or Update Lync Server System.

4. Click run button on Step3. Request, Install or Assign Certificates to launch the Certificate Wizard Screen.

5. Click on Import Certificate button to launch the Import Certificate window.

6. Browse or type the location and file name of the server certificate and uncheck the box of Certificate file contains certificate’s private key. This selection on this check box will only apply if you intended to import the cert in PFX (PKCS12) format.

7. Click Next button to continue.

8. Click Finish button to continue.

9. Expand the Default Certificate section and make sure all the services have been selected with the checkbox then click the Assign button.

10. Click Next button to continue.

11. If the cert assigned correctly then the Task Status will show Completed and click on Finish button.

12. Select OAuthTokenIssuer service and click on Assign button to continue.

13. Click Next button to continue. Please be noted, you will get error message if the private key on this server has been marked as NOT exportable. If this event has occurred and you need the cert to bind on these services, then the only fix will be to regenerate the new CSR again and during that process make sure the check box for exportable private key is check and then you need to reissue the server certificate again.

14. If all the services have been completely bind correctly, the green checkboxes will show next to each services.

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