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How To Install SSL Certificates

Here you will find further information about the installation process for activating your SSL Certificate on your website once it has been issued to you.

RapidSSL® & QuickSSL® Premium Requirements

For RapidSSL® and QuickSSL® Premium SSL Certificates to be installed and work correctly three components are required - the SSL Certificate, Private Key and Intermediate CA Certificate.

To view your SSL Certificate and Intermediate CA Certificate visit the Order Tracking System .

If we automatically generated your CSR during the ordering process the Private Key would have also been generated and displayed during the ordering process. You may view it again by visiting the Order Tracking System .

RapidSSL® & QuickSSL® Premium Installation Instructions

It is recommended to follow your server or hosting

company installation instructions. Installation instructions are available for most popular web server and hosting control panel types, we have provided additional links below.

Click Here to visit the RapidSSL® website for specific installation instructions.

Click Here to visit the GeoTrust® website for specific QuickSSL® Premium installation instructions.

If you experience difficulties completing your installation we recommend contacting your hosting company for further advice. You may also wish to provide your hosting company with the SSL Certificate, Private Key and Intermediate CA Certificate so they may install it for you.

Certain installations may require a non standard file format. If you need to convert your SSL Certificate to a different format please Click Here to visit the Trustico® SSL Certificate tools page.

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