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How to install thawte ssl certificate

how to install thawte ssl certificate

Step 3: Install SSL Certificate

(1) Find Commercial.crt file on following location “/opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial/” and open it using any text editor.

(2) Now open your primary certificate file (E.G Your_Domain_Name.crt), copy all the content and paste it on Commercial.crt file.

(3) Similarly, Open your Intermediate Certificate file and Root Certificate file with any text editor, copy both file’s content & paste it on a new text file and name this file as commercial_ca.crt. Save Commercial.crt file at “/opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial/”.

Note: In the Commercial.crt file, first paste the content of

the intermediate certificate followed by the content of the Root Certificate.

(4) Commercial.crt file will look like this:

(5) To validate the certificate chain, run following piece of code on your Zimbra.

(6) After the certificate chain is validated by Zimbra, the next process is to enable the new certificate.

Run following piece of code to enable new certificate.

SSL Certificate is now installed on Zimbra. Check the status of your SSL certificate using this free SSL checker tool .

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