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How do i get a tax clearance certificate

how do i get a tax clearance certificate

Business Assistance Tax Clearance

Application and Fee information

P.L. 2007, c. 101 requires that as a precondition to the award of business assistance or incentive or as a component of the application for business assistance or incentive, a person or business seeking a grant, loan, loan guarantee, or other monetary or financial benefit from a department or agency of State government shall obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Director of the New Jersey Division of Taxation prior to the issuance of the grant, incentive or financial assistance.

Effective March 1, 2009, a fee will be required for all Applications for Tax Clearance – Business Assistance and Incentives.

  • The application fee is $75.00 for standard processing (a response within ten (10) business days).
  • An expedited service (a response within three (3) business days) is available for $200.00 .
  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • The fee will cover updates, if needed for the application, for up to one year from the date of payment.
  • A separate fee must be paid for each separate and distinct application.

The Application for Business Assistance Tax Clearance must be completed, signed by the applicant and submitted to the Division of Taxation. Payment must be made by check or money order.

An application received without

the fee will not be processed.

The application and check or money order (payable to New Jersey Division of Taxation) must be mailed or hand delivered to the following address.

New Jersey Division of Taxation

Business Assistance Clearance Section

50 Barrack Street – 9th Floor

PO Box 272

Trenton, NJ 08695-0272

E-mail or fax application submissions will not be accepted as of March 1, 2009.

Upon receipt of the signed form and payment, the Division will research the tax account of the applicant to ascertain compliance with its tax obligations. A response will be provided to the applicant and the agency.

If no liabilities exist, a Tax Clearance Certificate will be issued to the applicant promptly or at such time as all applicable taxes have been filed and paid in full.

If you have questions regarding this program or the new fee, please contact (609) 292-6400.

NOTE: A Tax Clearance Certificate will only be issued to businesses or individuals who are registered with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. If you need more information regarding the registration process, proceed to the New Jersey Division of Revenue website.


Corporations seeking a Tax Clearance for the purpose of dissolution, merger, withdrawal or reauthorization must submit form A-5088-TC with payment of a $25.00 fee to Division of Taxation, PO Box 269, Trenton, NJ 08695-0269.

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