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How to make a award certificate

how to make a award certificate

Step 1

Purchase desktop publishing software or a word processor that includes a selection of awards certificate templates. If you own Microsoft Word or use OpenOffice you already have suitable software. If not, Serif Page Plus and Scribus are free desktop publishing programs with many awards certificate templates.

Step 2

Open your design software, go to the "File" menu and choose the "New" option. Select the templates option to browse the template categories. Locate the awards and certificates category and select the award certificate that most closely resembles the design you're looking for. Click the template you'd like to use to open it in your edit window.

Step 3

Edit the template to suit your purpose. There are a variety of awards certificate templates available,

so you may find a template that simply requires you to delete generic text and enter your specific text, such as the name of the receiver of the award. If you find you need to make additional adjustments to the template, you can select any text, hit the delete key on your keyboard, and type in your own text. Make the text specific to the purpose of the award certificate.

Step 4

Select and delete images and borders in the template and replace them with your own. You can insert your own images and borders with the "Insert" menu and browsing to the location on your computer where the images exist you'd like to use. Click your custom image or border to insert it into your template.

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