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How to Make a Certificate in Microsoft Word 2007

how to make a certificate in microsoft word

To make any certificate on Microsoft Word, you can use any of the templates available from Microsoft, or use the tools in Word to make your own from scratch. A certificate for a child can be fun and colorful, using Word Art and a picture border. For professional-looking certificates, use elegant fonts, and print the certificate on thick, high-quality, acid-free paper. Frame the certificate, or roll it up with a ribbon before presenting it.

Using a Template

Review the templates available for Word 2007 from the Microsoft Office template page. Click the "Download" link. Read the Microsoft Service Agreement, and click "Accept." Click "Download" again.

Double-click on the downloaded template to open it with Office 2007.

Click "Save" in the "File" menu to save the template as a Word document.

Highlight each group of words and replace them with your own words for your certificate.

Making Your Own Certificate

Open a new blank document in Word. Click the "Page Layout" tab, then select "Portrait" or "Landscape" orientation for the certificate.

Type the words that you want to appear on the certificate. Most certificates have a title, an explanation of why the certificate is being awarded and the name of the person receiving the certificate. The name of the organization and person presenting the certificate should be at the bottom.

Highlight the title of the certificate by dragging the mouse over the words. Click the "Home" tab.

Click the "B" to make the font bold, then select a font and font size that will make the title stand out in the certificate. For an elegant look, click the "I" to italicize the words. Click the "Center" icon in the paragraph group to center the words on the page.

Highlight the other portions of the document and adjust the font and font size as appropriate for your certificate. You can center the description or leave it left-aligned.

Highlight the name of the organization and name of the person presenting the document. Then click the "Right-Align" button in the "Home" tab. Press "Enter" once or twice. Press the underline key several times to leave a space for a signature.

Adding WordArt

Place the cursor where you want the WordArt to appear.

Click the "Insert" tab, and click "WordArt." Word will then present you with a selection of styles. Click one of these styles.

Type the words you want presented as WordArt and click "OK."

Adding Shapes

Click the "Insert" tab, then click "Shapes." Select a shape appropriate for the certificate, such as a star or banner.

Drag the mouse across the place in the document where you want the shape to appear.

Click the arrow beside the "Bucket" icon. Click on any color to change the color of the shape. You can also fill the shape with textures or patterns from this menu.

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