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How to Wean Children Off Television

The glowing box seems to hypnotize children with their favorite characters gracing the screen, but too much TV becomes unhealthy. Effects of too much screen time include obesity, sleep problems,… Read More

How to Control Children's Internet Use

At the click of a button, today’s children have instant access to the information highway. Although much that is available on the Internet is appropriate, parents cannot always be aware… Read More

How to Build Leadership Skills in a Strong-Willed Child

Self-directed, persistent, passionate -- the very characteristics that make your strong-willed child a challenge to parent serve her well in leadership roles. The way you handle your child from a… Read More

How to Help a Child Deal With Teasing

No parent wants her children to endure teasing from their peers, but many children do experience this behavior either occasionally or frequently. By modeling and practicing coping strategies, you can… Read More

How to Deal with a Clingy Grade-Schooler

When grade-schoolers experience separation anxiety and act clingy, parents may feel stressed and anxious, too. It's not just the actual act of separating that causes the clinging -- it can… Read More

How to Teach Aggressive Children Self-Control

Some kids can't seem to contain the monster. It creeps up inside them when their favorite toy doesn't work right, when the family dog gets too loud or because "Timmy… Read More

How to Help a Girl Deal With Bullies

Bullying is a serious problem among school-aged children. While many parents assume that boys are usually the victims and perpetrators of bullying, girls deal with bullying just as frequently. They… Read More

How to Bully-Proof Your Daughters

When a policeman is in the line of duty, he often wears a bulletproof vest to protect himself from those who seek to do physical harm. But protection against bullying… Read More

How to Help Autistic Children With Transitions

Children with an autistic spectrum disorder, whether Asperger's or classic autism, thrive on routine But life is full of changes, such as starting school or moving from one activity to… Read More

How to Cultivate Gratitude in Children

Gratitude is a way of life that involves showing and feeling appreciation for the things you have and for the kind actions of others. When you cultivate gratitude in your… Read More

How to Help Children Learn to Solve Conflicts

Teaching your children how to effectively solve conflicts is an important skill that can last a lifetime. Children engage in conflict for many reasons. For example, conflict may occur when… Read More

How to Keep Your Kids Occupied During Winter Break

You can almost hear the teachers and kids whooping in excitement at the start of winter break. Now it's your turn to keep the kids entertained until school resumes in… Read More

How to Interact with a Preschooler

With seemingly boundless energy and a curious disposition, your preschooler can drive you to your wit's end. Whether it's endless questions or a constant plea to play, your preschooler is… Read More

How to Teach Your Child to Stay Healthy

If you want to raise a healthy child, you should make this venture a family affair. Teaching your child how to exercise, eat right and adopt certain habits helps develop… Read More

How to Inspire Children's Creativity

All kids have the potential to be creative, but they need an environment that nurtures that creativity so they don't lose the spark. Your actions as a parent serve as… Read More

How to Increase a Child's Attention Span

If your little one wiggles and squirms during story time at the library, her teacher notes that she she daydreams during class or you notice she loses focus on occasion… Read More

How to Punish a Child for Lying

You want to believe your youngster will always be truthful -- perhaps incapable of dishonesty and deception -- but it’s nearly inevitable that one day a falsehood will slip from… Read More

How to Teach Your Child Good Values

Teaching good values takes time, patience and consistency, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your child. It is never too early to begin… Read More

How to Teach Your Child Good Interpersonal Communication Skills

Good interpersonal communication skills are essential for almost every aspect of life. Being able to effectively communicate with others helps people resolve problems, establishes trust, encourages understanding and compassion and… Read More

How to Stop a Kid's Bad Lip-Sucking Habit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry describes lip sucking, among other oral fixations, as a common childhood habit that typically begins as a way to satisfy an urge for contact… Read More

How to Intervene on Behalf of a Bullied Child

Bullying is a common problem, and according to, 28 percent of sixth through 12th graders experience bullying and 70.6 percent of students say they have witnessed bullying in school.… Read More

How to Prevent Child Tantrums in Public

Toddlers are well-known for losing their tempers; it's not called the "terrible twos" for nothing. However, even older children can be prone to the occasional tantrum. Tantrums at home are… Read More

How to Raise a Self-Confident Child

From first sight, your child enters your heart and inspires you to nurture her with love and encouragement. While your children certainly need and deserve your support, Ask Dr. Sears… Read More

How to Provide Structure for a Child with ADD or ADHD

Children with ADD and ADHD face tremendous challenges in focusing on tasks and completing them on time. Providing structure in your child's life can help decrease frustration for both of… Read More

How to Get Your Child to Sit Still During Story Time

Story time is great for your child's development. It helps him hone his listening skills, encourages him to use his imagination and teaches him to sit still. However, some children… Read More

How to Help Your Child Handle Bullies

Signs that your child is being bullied include avoiding situations such as going to school or riding the bus, according to Kids Health. Sleep issues and out of the ordinary… Read More

How to Set Up a Suitable Home Environment for an ADHD child

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a behavioral disorder that, if not effectively managed, can wreak havoc on a child's life. There are three subtypes of ADHD: predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, predominantly inattentive… Read More

How to Help Children Through Writer's Block

Writer's block strikes even the most experienced of writers, and children are not immune to this plight. Whether it be a book report, creative story, a science fair project summary,… Read More

How to Make a Printable List for Household Chores

If you feel more like a maid than a mom, involve the entire family and assign different household responsibilities to each member. As children develop, they can tackle a greater… Read More

How to Help a Child to Settle Down in Daycare

It is not at all unusual for your young child to start wailing and crying the second you try to step out the door of his daycare. Putting your child… Read More

How to Avoid Raising a Bully

Bullying not only includes physical aggression but can also take the form of name-calling or social ostracism and can occur in person or online. Although some people may think of… Read More

How to Help a Boy Deal With Bullies

Bullying is an unfortunate yet common occurrence for many children. According to, boys and girls experience similar rates of bullying when it comes to verbal bullying, threats and property… Read More

How to Devise a Behavior Goal Chart With a Child

You may be feeling overwhelmed and at your wit's end trying to help your child learn appropriate behaviors. Some children respond well to structured discipline, while others require a little… Read More

How to Get 3-Year-Olds to Sleep in Their Own Room

The time has come for your 3-year-old to sleep in her own bed, but she doesn't share your enthusiasm for the idea. She asks for countless glasses of water, keeps… Read More

How to Talk to Your Child About Race and Racial Differences

Talking to your child about race and racial differences should start at a young age, according to Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, an organization based in Holland, Michigan. Babies as young… Read More

How to Help a Child with Separation Anxiety

Many children go through separation anxiety as a normal part of their development, according to the website Kids Health. As your child faces new life experiences, such as going to… Read More

How to Prevent Misbehavior with Hyperactive Children

Hyperactive children seem to have endless energy that allows them to talk without pausing to take a breath and run all day without tiring. Although adults often envy their high… Read More

How to Use Collaborative Problem Solving to Deal With Children's Behavior

Whether your preschooler is having an emotion-fueled outburst in the middle of the mall, your third grader stomps off of the soccer field in an angry huff or your fifth… Read More

How to Use Rewards to Encourage Positive Behavior

In a perfect world, your child would behave appropriately because it's the right thing to do; however, in the real world, that is not always the way it works. A… Read More

How Does It Affect Children When Their Parents Ignore Them?

The picture of the perfect parent is often painted as a doting mother or father who lavishes attention on their little darlings. In reality, this is not always necessary, or… Read More

How to Ignore an Obnoxious Child

As much as you love your child, he likely has his moments when he gets on your nerves. Instead of reacting negatively to your child’s obnoxious behavior, employ a different… Read More

How to Overcome Challenges in Raising Children

Raising children is never without its challenges, and these obstacles can range far and wide, from small instances of misbehavior to much more serious problems. While there is no how-to… Read More

How to Stop Your Child From Picking His Nose

Kids are messy creatures, and the idea that their little fingers occasionally explore their noses surprises no one, especially parents. While nose picking in children may be common and even… Read More

How to Cut Down on Sibling Squabbles

"Stop fighting! Leave your sister alone! I've had enough of this arguing!" Parents often bark orders to end arguing as a cure-all for sibling squabbles, but you may find these… Read More

How to Teach Morality Using Picture Books

Kids begin to develop morals and character at an early age and learn to live with family, friends and classmates by incorporating these into life. Picture books help adults teach… Read More

How to Observe a Child's Behavior

Whether you have concerns about how your child is acting with her friends, are wondering if the defiance that her pre-K teacher reports at school is real or are just… Read More

How to Develop Tolerance in Children

Tolerance toward other cultures is something children will generally learn from their parents and the attitudes that are used around the house. Children tend to imitate the attitudes of their… Read More

How to Get More Privileges From Parents

At some point, children and teens beg for parents to extend some trust in the form of privileges. As a parent, it can be difficult to let go of your… Read More

Behavior Management Techniques for ADHD Kids

Does your child struggle with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-related behavioral issues? ADHD can affect your child at home, in the classroom, during interactions with peers and in other social situations. Though… Read More

How to Stop a Child From Lying

Whether it's a little white lie or a total whopper, it's unnerving when your child

tells a lie. After all, it usually indicates that she's uncomfortable in telling the truth… Read More

How to Stop a Child From Hair Pulling

Children are often fascinated by hair. It's when the touching and playing becomes pulling -- and on a regular basis -- that parents start to become concerned. In severe cases,… Read More

How to Parent a Child With ADD

Attention deficit disorder can derail even the brightest child, leading to frustration for both of you. PsychCentral reports that people with ADD often have associated mental health issues such as… Read More

How Does a Child Learn Manners?

Children receive a great deal of manners instruction throughout childhood from parents and other adults. Even more powerful in shaping a child's manners are the social interactions he experiences and… Read More

How to Assess the Effects of Bullying

In 2011, 5.9 percent of high school students reported not going to school because they felt unsafe, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior… Read More

How to Teach Social Strategies to Shy Kids

When a child gets stuck in a rut of shyness, he might miss out on creating friendships with his peers, which can be frustrating and painful for a child. Social… Read More

How to Cope With a Clingy Preschooler

Every parent loves a good cuddle but personal space is important too. When your wee one won't allow you an inch, ask yourself why she is feeling so dependent. Do… Read More

How to Handle a Perfectionist Child

An overachieving child may seem like a dream come true to a parent who does not have one, but perfectionist children can have issues with anxiety, frustration and self-applied pressure.… Read More

How to Keep Your Kid from Picking His Nose

It might be gross, but some doctors say nose picking is not a bad thing, provided you wash or sanitize your hands afterward. Regardless, picking the nose is a social… Read More

How to Deal with Tantrums at the Store

The tantrum-at-the-store scenario makes most parents cringe. You’re at the supermarket, filling a cart with food or wandering the aisles for other necessities, and your child erupts in a frenzy… Read More

How to Accept a Child's Likes And Dislikes

If you're expecting your child to be just like you, it might be time for a reality check. Although she came from your body, she is her own person. Instead… Read More

How to Motivate Kids to Help Out Around House

Kids often leave behind a messy trail -- from dirty laundry to broken crayons. Getting your child to clean up that mess or help out with other household tasks isn't… Read More

How to Write Praise Awards to your Kids

If it seems you have to spend more time than you'd like focusing on your youngster's negative behavior, you can create your own praise awards to give you an opportunity… Read More

How to Teach Respect for Animals

Bites and scratches can be preventable. Teach your children early on to care for animals in ways that foster love and respect. Show them how to pet gently, handle carefully… Read More

How to Make a Catch Them Being Good Chart

Whether your youngster needs a little positive motivation to help curb a few bad behaviors or you’d like to start taking note of all the good things he does in… Read More

How to Get Kids to Behave in Church

A true test of a child's behavior is the church sanctuary -- sitting still, quietly and solemnly for such a long time is no easy task for little ones. Your… Read More

How to Start a Playgroup for Children

Parenthood comes with many milestones and joys, but taking care of your child can also feel isolating. A playgroup serves as a social outlet for both you and your child.… Read More

How to Keep a Child Busy Playing Alone

You barely get a moment to yourself -- even going to the bathroom alone seems like a distant memory. Teaching your child to stay engaged while playing solo gives you… Read More

How to Give Kids a Great Museum Experience

Museums have the reputation of being quiet, solemn halls of ancient artifacts, but modern museums are often welcoming to the noise and exploration of children, according to Bright Horizons Family… Read More

How to Teach Your Son to Deal With His Feelings

Children are not born with effective coping skills -- these must be acquired. If you want your son to learn to deal with his emotions and express his feelings, you’ll… Read More

How to Create a Picture Schedule for Autistic Children

Children with autism have difficulty getting organized, transitioning from one activity to another, and indicating when they do not understand something. Visual supports, including picture schedules, help keep these children… Read More

How Is Facebook Bad for Kids' Efficiency?

According to 2012 survey results from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 77 percent of teens who go online regularly use Facebook. While your child is busy posting, messaging… Read More

What Is Normal Misbehavior in Children?

A kid wouldn't be a kid if he didn't get into a little mischief occasionally. Nudging at your patience by acting out often comes with your child's pursuit of independence.… Read More

What to Do When Your 4-Year-Old Does Not Want to Go to Pre-K

If your 4-year-old is clinging to your leg as you try to drop her off at pre-K, you should know that some separation anxiety is normal childhood behavior, especially when… Read More

How to Deal With a Kid Pretending to Be Sick

You put a healthy, happy child to sleep the night before, but when it's time to wake up for school, he's suddenly too sick to hop on the school bus.… Read More

How to Help a Child Express Feelings

Raising a healthy, emotionally balanced child isn’t about shielding him from negative feelings and situations; it’s about showing him how to label, talk about and appropriately express, or deal with,… Read More

How to Talk to Your 12-Year-Old About Drugs & Sex

Sex and drugs are arguably two of the most difficult topics to bring up with your child. While it's not weird to feel uncomfortable or to even want to avoid… Read More

Bullying vs. Rough Play

You're watching your preschooler on the playground, viewing a seemingly aggressive episode in which he and his BFF are diving off the climber and wrestling one another like World Wrestling… Read More

Do Children Crave Undivided Attention?

Children do crave undivided attention from their parents and caregivers. That attention can be hard to come by these days, as schedules are hectic and jam-packed. However, the most vital… Read More

Lessons for Kids on Following the Crowd

Whether your youngster’s peers are trying to lead him down the wrong road or you’re hoping to get him prepared to deal with peer pressure ahead of time, you can… Read More

Understanding the Motivation of Misbehavior

If you are struggling to understand why your child misbehaves, the first step is to consider the factors that could be influencing the misbehavior. The motivation behind bad behavior can… Read More

Breathing & Relaxing Exercises for Kids

Every child can benefit from knowing how to use breathing techniques to calm his nerves. Whether the child is feeling anxious, angry or just needs to relax, breathing exercises can… Read More

Plugged Ears & Behavior in Children

Ear problems affect many children and can become disruptive to their daily lives if left untreated. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, three out of… Read More

Christian Camps for Problem Boys in Texas

Life for boys can be tough sometimes. As they are growing into men, they are dealing with body changes; wanting to fit in; feelings of needing to be independent from… Read More

Why Kids Should Pay Attention in Class

A classroom of kids can be challenging to manage, especially if some of the youngsters have trouble paying attention. If children do not pay attention in class, several issues can… Read More

How to Make Hygiene Important to Kids

Personal hygiene may not be one of those issues that kids worry about much. As a parent, it’s important to instill responsible personal hygiene habits in your child to ensure… Read More

Disruptive Behavior Problems

While many children and adolescents exhibit behavioral issues at various intervals during their development, disruptive behavior problems interrupt their ability to function at home, in school or out in the… Read More

Parenting Classes for Children With Behavior Problems

As a parent, you know parenting is a tough enough job on its own. When you add behavior problems to the mix, the task is even more challenging and stressful.… Read More

How to Get Kids Pumped Up

Whether you're the team coach, a parent helper or are simply sitting on the sidelines, getting the kids pumped up to play is a key part of making the most… Read More

The Theoretical Approach to Child Behavior

Have you ever wondered where the behavior of your child originated from? Many experts believe that it can be attributed to one or more theoretical perspectives that examine child development.… Read More

How to Affirm Children

Most people can immediately see the difference in a child who is confident and has a healthy self-esteem compared with a kid who is not affirmed at home. Building your… Read More

Do Older Siblings Influence Younger Siblings in Bad Behavior?

Older siblings are influential in shaping their younger siblings' behavior. Some parents forget to factor the role played by older children in the behavioral development of younger siblings into their… Read More

Emotional Behavior in Children

Behavior tends to stem from one of two sources: emotion and logic. For children, the former often takes precedence, leading to problematic behaviors. A parent who understands the reasons for… Read More

How to Deal With Strong Willed Kids

Parenting a strong-willed child can be frustrating, tiring, and at times, overwhelming. Some may call your child "stubborn," while others whisper "He knows his own mind." Stubborn or independent, dealing… Read More

How to Help Your Child to Stop Crying in School

School can be either exciting or dreadful for a child. While some children are adventurous and excited about school, others are tentative. Children perceive a variety of real and imaginary… Read More

Reframing Techniques for a Child's Negative Behavior

Reframing is a technique that can be helpful to parents dealing with children who are exhibiting negative behavior. It involves viewing a child's negative actions or thoughts in a different… Read More

How to Settle Kid Fights

If your kids are constantly bickering with each other or with friends, teaching them conflict-resolution skills can help put a stop to the fights. However, teaching skills might not work… Read More

Restlessness in Children

Some children may be quite challenging to manage due to their high activity levels. Such children are often fidgety and respond to new situations rapidly. Healthy Children defines the way… Read More

Social Challenges of Highly Gifted Children

Highly gifted children demonstrate high performance abilities in intellectual, creative or academic fields. These children may find it hard to socialize with peers and spend less time with them because… Read More

Disruptive Behavior Disorder in Autistic Children

Disruptive behavior disorders -- including oppositional defiance and conduct disorder -- can be difficult to deal with. Oppositional defiant disorder is marked by disobedience and hostility towards authority figures and… Read More

Support for Siblings of Children With Autism

Parents of children with autism spend a significant amount of time managing the demands of autism, including dealing with behavior in the home and participating in various treatment interventions. These… Read More

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