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How to make a certificate of authenticity

how to make a certificate of authenticity

As a woodcut printmaker I do COAs for every piece and now include them for all mediums. This is for a woodcut:


This document is to certify that the work of art described herein is an original hand-pulled print created and printed by the artist. The artist retains copyright to all images.

Title of Work: ‘Rainforest’

Artist: Diane Cutter

Signature: _________________________________

Date: _______________________

Contact information: xxmy email or or

Medium/Technique: Woodcut

Image Size: 7”x10”

Paper: Flecked mulberry (50% Kozo, 50% recycled paper)

Ink: Daniel Smith oil-based relief (burnt umber)

Method of Printing: Bamboo baren/press

Edition number/edition size: Open Edition (This print is OE 75)

Type & number of proofs: One Artist’s Proof

Date of edition: 2007 Plate or matrix cancelled: No

Additional information: This print is part of the permanent Baren collection of the Art Museum, University of Kentucky (Lexington); won 3rd Place in Printmaking at the 9th Juried East End Art Guild Exhibition (Humacao, Puerto Rico 2008); & hung in the Atrevete Exhibition at

the Museo Francisco Oller, Bayamon, Puerto Rico (2008).

Of course, scratchboard pieces don't have editions, etc. so it's a wee bit shorter. I like to present as much information as possible to the new owner. It's a who, what, where, when, how for the piece so they love it for more than the just the visual, making them more connected to the work. I feel the last area, Additional Information, is especially important. In the scratchboard pieces I put.

Scratchboard art is a method of drawing using a sheet of paper or a gessoed panel which has been covered in ink. The drawing is then done by scratching and cutting with sharp implements to reveal the white surface underneath. This piece of artwork has been varnished so that it may be displayed without glass. Gently use a soft cloth to dust.

I just print mine up on the computer and can add/change information over the years. These actually have a nice border (like Doug's) but I can't seem to upload the actual documents because they are the wrong file but you get the idea.

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