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How to make a death certificate

how to make a death certificate

Things You'll Need

Copy of original certificate with changes


Identify the incorrect medical information on the death certificate. Incorrect medical information such as cause of death and manner of death may be corrected or amended in several ways. Some states require the medical examiner or physician who signed the death certificate to submit documentation to prove a change needs to be made. This documentation should include the decedent's full name used on the certificate, date and place of death, description of the error, the corrected or amended information and a signature by the medical examiner or physician.

Identify incorrect funeral information. Some states do not require a funeral home director to submit documentation if the error is minor such as a misspelling. In those

cases, the informant, or person who filled out the death certificate, may request the changes.

In cases where the error is in need of a major correction or amendment, a funeral director may need to complete the state's required forms for changing and amending a death certificate.

Identify incorrect biographical information. In cases where a name is misspelled or a date was incorrectly recorded, many states require the informant, or immediate family member, to submit the change request. Some states require a death certificate change form be completed while others require a letter from the informant or immediate family member. Many times the state will ask for a photocopy of the death certificate with changes noted on the certificate to accompany the change form or letter.

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