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How to make Domicile in Sindh – Simple Method

how to make a domicile certificate

This method is only applicable in Karachi/Sindh. Different provinces have different method for making domicile. So Ask in domicile office for complete guidance. I am providing Simple method of making it .

These are the Basic following requirement for making the domicile.

1) Photos :

Six photos needed of the size of 2×2. confirm it with the Domicile office. Mostly it requires 2×2 photo size. It may be change now .

2) All qualification certificates will be needed e.g it your matric, inter. college and university certificates.

3) Photocopy of Father’s NIC ( National Identity card) will be required .

4) Photocopy of Two Neighbors National Identity Card Will be required.

5) If Domicile holder age is less than 22 years old then it is necessary to submit the Domicile of father and minor affidavit will be required. Photocopy of the Father’s Domicile should be attached. If His father has no domicile, It is necessary to make father’s Domicile First. If age of the Domicile holder has age above 22 years, Major affidavit will be require and no need for Father’s Domicile .

6) If Domicile holder is doing the job. then service certificate should be attached.

7) If there is a gap between obtaining the qualification and making the domicile, then he should be submit the gap certificate ( e.g if domicile holder is not doing job etc then gap certificate will be required)

8) There will be prescribe domicile file containing the

different forms & affidavits which will be filled by yourself. This prescribe Domicile file will be available at the shops of Domicile Office.

9) Domicile office will provide you a chalan and you have to fill. name,address and father’s name of the domicile holder. The fees of this chalan will be 210 rupees, should be submitted in the UBL Bank or prescribe bank suggested by the domicile office.

10) After the completion of the file, Affix one rupees of ticket on every page for certify the copy by the class one officer or notary public or oath commissioner .

11) There will be a page in the performa file on which Neighbors Sign will be required .

12) At last, This file with all above mentioned documents with the receipt of 210 rupees will be submitted between 9am to 11am ( working days) in Domicile Office ( DC OFFICE).

When they make your Domicile (After 10 days to 15 days), DC Officer will call the Domicile holder to pick it up. That’s all the procedure i remember. It is necessary to gather the information by yourself too.

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