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A Fake Marriage?

how to make a fake marriage certificate

I may just be rambling today.

I was doing some word searches today and of the 35000+ internet searches in August on marriage, over 10% of them had to do with Fake Marriage Certificates / Licenses in three different word arrangements.

So how do you certify that your marriage is fake? Why do you want a license for a marriage that isn’t really a marriage? Or is it to avoid that nagging question, “So when are you gonna get married?

On the serious side, I guess someone might want a marriage certificate if their employer doesn’t give insurance benefits for a pregnant girlfriend. Maybe they have been together for years but marriage isn’t for them. It might close them in, or restrict them. I also have heard that if a military person wanted to increase their income they could have a fake marriage.

It would really pay off during a deployment.

Then another question arises, “Aren’t there enough marriages that seem fake?”

Like the ones in Hollywood. If their next co-star is great in that love scene they could just get a fake divorce and spare us all the tabloid reports in the grocery check-out aisles. Then get another fake marriage license.

Nope. Sorry, that won’t stop the tabloids from their attention getting headlines. You know, the ones that are a little less accurate then your biased local city’s newspapers and national press. It would cost those Hollywood stars

and other “celebrities” a lot of money.

Or, perhaps you need that “Fake” marriage certificate for your sweet old aunt, who might write you out of her will if she knew you were “living in sin”. Maybe.

Or perhaps to give your spouse a wake-up call in his Happy Anniversary card. He had better get his act together so he doesn’t end up one of those “very real” divorce statistics.

Still, after running these ideas through my mind, I can’t come up with a good reason for a “Fake” marriage certificate. Personally, I can’t imagine that a fake marriage could compare with the very real marriage to Marye. Nothing fake can compare to the “real thing.”

In a real marriage that might mean they would have to work at building a marriage relationship. They would have to work through some of the trials “real” married couples have to work through, when sometimes the marriage license, or the covenant before God and man, is only thing holding that “real” marriage together.

Lastly and least seriously, perhaps this post was brought to you courtesy of 175 mcg/hr of Fentanyl and 4 mg of Hydromorphone, to ease my pain, and you have the good pleasure of reading this prescription drug induced post for entertainment value. Na-a-a-h!


*** Have a blessed day and enjoy your real” married relationship and all the great perks that come along with your “real marriage license.”

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