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How to make birth certificate

how to make birth certificate

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Open Microsoft Works and select "Create a New Project" when prompted to do so.

Select the "Templates" option from the icons toward the top of the page. From there, choose the "Cards & Crafts" option from the selections toward the left. Finally, select "Certificates," when you see the option pop up.

Search through the templates located within Works to find one that you like. You can click on them to make them larger, so that you can view them easier. If there's words or phrases on the example template, don't worry, you can always change the text later—just get a template with the coloring and feel that you like, and download it to your computer (the color can also be changed, if you need to, later on). Once you've found one you like, select the button on the bottom that says "Use this Style." The chosen template will open for you in a new page.

Double-click the title words of the new project and type "Birth

Certificate." This is where you can go to your font options toolbox in the main menu, and change the color, font or style of the words if you so desire.

Double-click on where there is text that says "Name" and change it to the name of the baby doll you are creating the document for. Again, change the font, style or color if you so desire.

Double-click on the box that has the words "Your Text Here" on it. Type in all the other relevant information you would like your certificate to say. Usually it consists of weight, height, birthdate, time of birth, and the parent's name (or the name of the child who owns the doll). As many or as few of these can be added to the template, depending on what you desire. Change the colors and fonts once again, and once you are happy with how the product looks, save the file.

Print the doll's birth certificate out on nice paper or cardstock, and present it to your child.

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