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Create self-signed SSL certificates online

how to make certificates online This free online service creates the following:
  • Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
  • Self-signed SSL certificate (CER)
  • Private key
  • Private key values:
    • Prime number: p
    • Prime number: q
    • Modulus: n=p*q
    • Public exponent: e
    • Private exponent: d=e -1 mod phi
    • Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) exponent 1: dP=d mod (p-1)
    • Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) exponent 2: dQ=d mod (q-1)
    • Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) coefficient: qInv=q -1 mod p
  • Public key
  • Personal Information Exchange PKCS#12 (.P12)
The certificate and private key can be installed on your web server which will provide data encryption.

More information can be found in the tutorial Installing Apache 2 and SSL on Windows XP.

To verify if the generated SSL certificate contains the correct information, use the online decode SSL certificate tool.

WARNING: Self-signed SSL certificates should not be used for public use!

Browsers will show warning messages telling that the certificate is not issued by a recognized authority.

These certificates can be used for test purposes or to setup a secure intranet connection.

This tool can also create wildcard self-signed SSL certificates. These certificates will protect multiple subdomains (e.g. if issued for *, it would protect,,, etc. - but not itself).

Here below are several examples for the Common Name:
  • mobilefish.intranet
  • sevenofnine.theborg
  • *
  • *.*.com
  • *.com
  • localhost
  • Tony Stark
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