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Fake College Degrees and Transcripts - Underground Documents ( offers quality diploma replication and fake college degrees and transcripts, Our quality cannot be match because we us

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What every the reason your looking for a fake diploma, novelty degree or university transcripts, choose us. We are not only the best quality, but we can match the same design to 100% accuracy, with no difference in quality and authenticity of our fake degrees. 100% exact as the original.

If you look at our samples page you will notice the effort we put into creating a quality degree, everything from raised lettering to embossed foil seals. Our fake degrees are truly amazing. We even use the same exact registrar signatures as the date of graduation you request.

Once you have purchased your novelty item, you must treat it as one as well. These are not meant to be used to in job interviews or university entrance interviews. Some might get our products with a higher grade than the real thing just to show it to their parents and avoid an angry confrontation with them. Remember that using these for job interviews and other professional matters are illegal in many countries. Be careful of how you use these products. Another use for them is to be used in video productions. Movie producers have approached us to create certificates to be used in their movies, for real institutes and as well as made up ones. However our products are guaranteed not to be exposed, so there is no fear in using them. They have passed rigorous scrutiny from many experts in the field and passed with flying colors. You have no fear in buying one from us, you can use it any. However we do not encourage their use for genuine activities, but only for novelty purposes. It is solely up to the user’s discretion. We assure you that, you will not regret your decision to buy from us. There are literally thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, who have bought our products and are thoroughly satisfied with them. Some of our customers just buy them to keep as novelty items and they have become collectibles. They see the craftsmanship of them and appreciate it. we certainly do not advice them to use it for perjury or any kind of activity which might be illegal or unethical. Or largest market is in the Asian Region where our products are seen as great novelty items or as great show pieces. The laws in these countries are less stringent against novelty item so they can purchase them without and fear of recrimination from the authorities. We strongly advice you to check with your local laws and regulations before purchasing an item from us. Different countries as well as different states have different laws in place and it's always better to know what you are getting into.

Your customized faked diploma regardless if it’s a College diploma , High School diploma, Bachelor degree, Certificate or College transcript-you can be assured that it will be custom-designed by our novelty diploma DTP artist replicated to be of the exact replica of the original document that you require. We emphasize on quality and ensure that every detail is replicated to base on your requirement. You shall be very satisfied with our completed orders.


Beware of other fake diploma websites and fake degree websites that offer inferior products! Don't even take risks with something as important as the diploma you treasure

For added authenticity, our fake diplomas are printed on high-quality parchment paper to match the original documents. Original seals of the school are also raised embossed on the diploma. We use the school real seal and NOT and replacement seal that other faked diploma website offers.

We also use customized safe-security paper on each of our fake transcripts in order to match the original. When Xerox the word “COPY ” or “VOID ” or “SCHOOL NAME ” appears all over the background.

We dare proclaim to be the best. No other fake degree or fake university diploma vendor website are able to create a fake document as authentic compared to us. Our work is as authentic as the original and we are proud to be of our standards.


One of our strength is to offer our clients the artwork proofs of the document which we custom-create for you to review. Once we get your consent we will only print and then upon completion another final scan of the diploma/transcript are then send to you for one final proof before shipping out your order. Should there be any amendment we will gladly reprint for you to meet your demand.

Finally we shall only ship your document after we receive your approval of final proofs. In this way, you're assured that errors or omissions are reduced during the process; it would save us a great deal of time, costs and also effort should we rectify the error before we ship out your orders.

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Kindly note that all our products are for use as NOVELTY PURPOSE only.


We very confident with the quality of our documents that we even dare offers payments in installments as an option. For instances when you pay an initial deposit of 50% of the total cost of payment made for your order, you shall receive a high quality artwork proof of the document you have ordered from us through email and only if you are completely satisfied with the work. You need only pay us the remaining balance of payment so that we can ship the order out to you immediately. Consequently once we have sent you the artwork proofs we are always open to your suggestions and will change the proofs accordingly so that it meets your exact requirements, this way you get exactly what you want and there will be no doubt about that.


For these customers that are in need of the documents urgently we offer Rush Printing where we prioritize to deliver your order, processed and shipped within 72 hours, please send us an email to confirm whether if it’s possible to meet your dateline.

Kindly send us all your information and requirements we will provide you with an exact quotation.

You can be assured that the quality of the diplomas, degree, certificate and transcript are of immaculate quality!

Don't pay more money elsewhere expecting to receive better quality fake diplomas online . Our fake diplomas are so realistic looking that you will be amazed at the quality. We also offer the fastest delivery available. You can have your Fake Diploma in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Why bother with generic looking fake diploma, why not go for the real deal and get yourself fake degrees that have been painstakingly created with the utmost care and even if subjected to close examination our fake diplomas will pass any quality check, so why take a risk with low quality alternatives, when we are here to create authentic fake university diplomas for you!

Samples of Fake Diplomas and Transcripts

We are the best in creating replica documents ; we make this declaration without having any hesitation but don’t just take our word on this just take a look at our fake diplomas keeping in mind that many more fake diploma samples are found in the samples page .

You will not find any laser-printed or generic state seals here.

As a matter of fact, we operate much of the same printing and embossing equipment actual universities use to print their own diplomas. Through our years of experience in the diploma printing business, we have also amassed the largest stock of real college & university diploma templates found anywhere. When printing replica diplomas for our customers, in many cases, We uses the exact color and weight parchment and printing techniques that the specific college or university of your choice would use to print their own diplomas.

We can emboss and replica any university or college diploma. We use the same exact printing and embossing equipment as every major university.

We have years of experience in the professional printing business. This allows us to produce the highest quality, most authentic, replica diplomas and transcripts available today.

In addition to producing the most authentic quality replica diplomas available, Underground Documents also produces extremely realistic, replica transcripts that can be customized to your exact specifications.

Our replica academic transcripts include and allow you to customize everything from classes, grades, and grade point average (GPA) to your graduation date, dates of attendance, student ID number and much more.

We can replicate academic transcripts from nearly every major college and university worldwide. We have the appropriate templates and information to make sure that the replica transcripts we produce match the authentic university transcripts as closely as possible. This typically means that we not only are capable of replicating the security paper the original transcripts are printed on, but we also go as far as to replicate important details such as the transcript key which is found on the back of most academic transcripts.

We have went to great lengths to ensure that our replica transcripts are every bit as authentic and accurate in design as our world renowned replica and fake diplomas .

For a full list of customizable transcript options, please visit our order page and get started customizing your own! We are truly a full-service print shop. Our transcripts are not designed to just simply complement your fake transcripts. We carefully hand-craft our novelty transcripts with the same level of precision as we put into every one of our novelty and replica diplomas

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