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Format of no objection certificate for using a premises for office purpose?

how to make no objection certificate

Please give me a format for no objection certificate for using a premises for office purpose


Answers for this question:

You can use this as a guide on how to make "No Objection certificate"

I had taken personal loan from (Name of Company),

Loan acc. No.RWBG00004058

Amount:Rs. 55000.00

Start date :07-06-2004 and End date:07-05-2007 total 36 installments. I had paid all installments trough Bank of Baroda Che ques. But till date I have not received closure letter/ No objection certificate in spite of several reminders to their office. They have given my name in CIBIL Report without giving me any information or notice. So I request this forum pls. help this regard.


February 17, 1990.

Mr. Leon Kellies,


Nark & Co.,

Aberdeen, UK.

Dear Mr. Kellies,

Through this letter I introduce to you, myself Perry Adams. We were associated in a business deal with your company when I was working for Sussex & Co. as the Supervisor in the Sales Department.

The actual purpose of writing to you, Sir is to request for a favor. I have applied for the post of Senior Supervisor in your company and need an internal reference for the same. If you could kindly refer me to the job I will be very grateful to you. You have seen my work and I am sure you won’t regret your action.

I thank you in

advance and it was a pleasure to be associated with you.

Warm regards,

Perry Adams.


Are you asking where to apply for one? Or writing one? If you are preparing to write one it will be just like you would any formal letter. Everything will be lined up on the left side of your letter with nothing being indented.

Starting with the name of the place and the date. Your information, the recipients information, salutation, your paragraph. of course you know how to close your letter out because there are different ways( yours truly, sincerely yours, etc.)

or you can get more information from this site:


Registrar of Firms

To: (name)

From: (name)

Subject: House of the business partnership.

1. I agree that we partner our company ………… with ………. company.

2. I have seen that …………. company has established its reputation in the business industry. I see that they have good funds, capitals, and investments.

3. ……company has a license to operate nationwide, and I want to partner my company to his company.

i have own proppety but join. with my wife, i am going to start my bussines. i have to applied for trade licence only in my name. for the bussisnes.

i need some suggestion from you how to applied for this, my wife going to give a no objection letter to me which one requied for licince department.

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