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How do i get a typing certificate

how do i get a typing certificate

The ExpertRating-TypingMaster Online Typing Test leading to certification.

Employers and recruiters have long since demanded a reliable and accurate means of assessing typing skills. With this in mind, ExpertRating, a leader in skill assessment in alliance with TypingMaster Inc launched the Typing Skills Certification. This is an Internet based test that accurately assesses your typing speed and accuracy. All test takers are provided with a hard copy, mountable certificate indicating their typing speed and accuracy mailed to their doorstep. Take the test

The Typing test is offered in alliance with TypingMaster, makers of the TypingMaster Pro touch typing tutor.

Typing Test format, duration and price.

The ExpertRating typing test consists of a passage of text that must be typed within 10 minutes. Unlimited practice attempts are provided to the test taker to familiarize him/herself with the testing environment. The final typing test may be taken 3 times. and the best result from the 3 attempts will be counted towards the final score and displayed on the test takers online transcript as well as on the hard copy typing certificate of accomplishment. The typing test is available at $9.99 (which includes the cost of the hard copy typing certificate and mailing charges).

Practice attempts allowed - Unlimited attempts

Final test attempts allowed - 3 attempts

Duration - 10 minutes for each final attempt

Format - Text must be read from a passage and typed


Cost - $9.99 (includes cost of hard copy certificate & mailing)

How to pay - Credit or Debit Card/e-Check/Paypal

Buy the Typing Test with hard copy Certificate - $9.99

Over 4000 purchases through PayPal till date

This site is US friendly - Hosted in the US - Payments in US Dollars - Payments received in the US through a US based payment processor.

Hardware requirements for taking the typing test

The Typing Skills Certification is an Internet based test - all you need is a computer with an Internet connection with Internet Explorer 4 and above, or Netscape 4.71 and above or any other recent Java enabled browser. The test consists of a passage of text that the test taker must type within 10 minutes.

How long does it take for my certificate of accomplishment to arrive?

It takes from 3-4 weeks for the certificate of accomplishment to reach you after you have taken the test. However if you require the certificate on an urgent basis, you can order it through express delivery. Click here to know more about express delivery.

How can I re-take the test and what is the cost

In case you are not satisfied with your score, you are allowed to re-take the test by paying $5.00 only. This reduced fee of $5.00 is only applicable within 2 days of taking the test. thereafter you will be charged $9.99 if you wish to reappear.

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