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Debunking Birth Certificate Forgery Claims? Here’s How to Make Your Own Forgery!

how to make your own birth certificate

. or, Garbage In — Garbage Out

Update July 20, 2011 — Lucas Smith defends his Mombasa Obama birth certificate, mailed now to the 112th Congress as well as all members of the 111th Congress.  Because Post & E-Mail is now a subscription-only site, here is a view of the Lucas document.

THE FINAL DETERMINATION OF FORGERY IS BASED ON TWO ELEMENTS. 1) Debunkers can’t explain the several 90 degree rotations of imbedded artwork, impossible with Optimization, and; 2) There is no official state seal. All certified copies include a state seal. Perhaps it is missing as Hawaii would not allow misuse of their seal, a criminal offense.

In addition, isn’t it strange that there are two versions distributed? One is with security paper, and the other without. not possible if a certified copy printed directly on security paper!

The is NOT OCR .

Forensic Analysis:  Forensics is working backwards and proving evidence is, well, evidentiary. The White House published two birth certificate files, a PDF and a JPEG. The JPEG was plain and without security paper. However, a true certified copy would be scanned and printed directly on security paper, sometimes reduced in order to accomodate legals and state seals.

The very fact of two digital images suggests the document was forged. Following is a way to simulate a forged document/form printed on security paper.


Here is a shot of my Photoshop screen illustrating steps #3, #4, and #5.  To emphasize my point, putting the original Birth Certificate on a scanner/copier loaded with security paper would make a print of the form on the security pattern. all this wouldn’t be necessary.

  1. A Photoshop scan was made of a birth certificate in a binder in ‘document’ mode.
  2. The scan was switched from a binary bitmap to ‘grayscale’ or ‘RGB.’
  3. Using the ‘magic wand’ tool, the white paper background was ‘selected’ and deleted, revealing the transparent background layer.
  4. Only the ‘black’ text and lines remained. ‘Select All’ and copy, and then open a scan of security paper in Adobe Illustrator.
  5. ‘Paste’ the ‘copy’ of text and form lines onto the scan paper. Some letters may have been damaged or lost in the ‘magic wand’ selection process, so replace them using ‘copy’ and ‘paste.’ This is how you can get mixed ‘binary’ and ‘grayscale’ on the same image.
  6. Use scanner in grayscale or RGB mode to copy a real birth certificate and use the ‘select’ tool to copy essential dates stamps and seals. ‘Paste’ these onto fake birth certificate.
  7. Note: I used the ‘magic wand’ to make the Hi-Res Obama certificate open to paste over the security paper. Do this and add art elements from other birth certificates in Illustrator, and you will get what you see below.

Here is the image saved showing the official Obama birth certificate just all torn apart in Illustrator. Note. This is the image Jerome Corsi uses repeatedly in his updates on WorldNetDaily.

A Bit of Humor

I forwarded to Jerome Corsi the analysis of Vogt, owner of The Depository, an expert in document scanning and printing. His article today on WorldNetDaily reported the filing of a criminal complaint with the FBI. Note the juxtaposition of the Adobe ad. well, it made me laugh anyway.

I learned

touch-typing on Underwood and Royal standards at age thirteen. and have  kept an Underwood in my big steel ‘Police Desk’ for occasional use. The springs  are fully adjusted for brisk operation, and the 40+ year old machine is kept  clean, covered and lubricated. I am trained in WORD on the Expert level, and in  Photoshop by a genius photographer and IT guy.

Kerning will not be found in isolated areas. Once you adjust ‘spacing’ in WORD, or use TypeFonts that  automatically space for a pleasing, natural effect, it will be evident throughout the document.


To best view the JPEG, enlarge it to 400%.

Use your ‘rectangular marquee’ tool to count/isolate pixels between the letters ‘ny’ in Kenya, and ‘ty’ in the  111ty and ty examples. I touch-typed ‘Kenya’ with strong, quick strokes on the ‘ny’ in order to create a 2 to 3 pixel overlap, or kerning, of the ‘n’ foot and the ‘y’ serif. That is a fully typed word. The ‘111ty’ was typed in normal, even rhythm, and your marquee tool will isolate 2-3 pixels  between the t and y. That is normal platen movement.

The final ‘ty’ was typed with index fingers of the left and right hand in a quick succession, straining the spring tension indexing of  the platen. recreating the expert’s ‘kerning’ in a mechanical typewriter . . something he said was impossible. Using ‘hunt & peck’ fingers instead of touch-typing created an exaggerated ‘kerning’ effect of 4 pixels overlapping.

Caveate :   If one abuses a sharpening filter, or black and gray values, the pixels can be extended out from the original image and invalidate the analysis. (This may explain the ‘halo’ on the security paper printed birth certificate.) For this reason, I ignored the faintest pixels on the edge, so they didn’t contribute to kerning overlap.

There is no way to determine how poorly the Adobe PDF of the Web published birth certificate was filtered or compressed, but you can clearly see the delicate serif on my ‘8s’ which are almost obliterated on the PDF. Note also that the lower case ‘l’ and numeral ‘1’ are identical. another characteristic of the Underwood Standard, which had no ‘1’ key at all; you had to use lower case ‘l.’

I put a lot more faith in my presentation than the work of Ivan Zatkovich or Karl Denniger, as it is from original and uncompressed or filtered sources.

It would be nice and easy if we could simply prove forgery and settle Obama’s unconstitutional presidency, but it is embarrassing to be ‘proven’ fooled after being forced to base your analysis on such a poor ‘original’ that no court in the world would accept it as evidence. Orly Taitz is fighting on with her Social Security number fraud case. but the Citizen at Birth issue is the key, and the most difficult to overcome. Native-birth citizenship is so imbedded in the American psyche that it has created a cultural Collective Dissonance. in other words, you are fighting deeply seated ‘beliefs,’ armed only with reasoning and history. David versus Goliath is an apt analogy.

If WND took a POLL, I predict 13% will say the son of an illegal alien is eligible to the presidency, as long as he is born on U.S. soil!

That is the real issue, and related to illegal immigration and immigration reform, so we have the Hispanic political action groups to fight as well.

Actual keystrokes on a Standard Underwood, creating “impossible” kerning

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