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How to Market Supplemental Insurance Products Without Knocking on Doors

how to market insurance products

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In the event of an illness or accident, combined insurance policies can provide greater benefits than individual health insurance products, which often leave an individual with uncovered and out-of-pocket expenses. If you want to convince clients to purchase supplemental insurance products, several options may help accomplish the task. Selling door-to-door can be effective, but is unpredictable and time consuming. Alternative strategies can generate warm leads to boost your business.

Content Marketing

Leverage content marketing techniques to create and distribute relevant and valuable information over the Internet and attract clients through online searches. You can, for example, have a blog that discusses life, disability and health insurances and give balanced reviews of different types of coverage. Alternatively, you can provide information about how to maneuver the complicated accident insurance claims. Your objective is to attract, engage and acquire the target audience and encourage profitable customer action.

Business Website and Social Media Presence

Maximize your Internet presence to ensure prospects learn about

your business, services and products. If your site is optimally designed using search engine optimization techniques, it will rank high in searches and will bring potential customers to you. Many smartphone and tablet apps point users to location-based businesses and having a website with all contact information will ensure you can be found easily by mobile users. You can also employ social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to get the word out there about the products.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can result in interested prospects responding positively to your solicitation. You may use a letter with a return envelope, or a postcard with detachable business reply portion to each recipient. Either method should have a compelling written message. Marketing supplemental insurance products this way will work well among clients who already own one or two policies from your firm. However, mail the letters or cards to everybody in the area to increase chances of customer conversion.

Word of Mouth and Referrals

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