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12 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Insurance Agency

how to market your insurance agency

I want to share a great resource with you today. It’s titled “12 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Agency”, an audio presentation by Ted Janusz, of Janus Presentations. I had the great privilege of sitting on a technology panel with Ted at last year’s PIA of Ohio Annual Agency Management and Profitability Conference (read my post about the experience ). Interestingly enough, he had presented an Introduction to Social Media session at the prior year’s conference, and had included several slides about The Insurance Goddess, personal branding and my use of social media in my agency in his presentation (unbeknownst to me).

I wondered why I kept getting strange looks throughout the rest of the day. It didn’t click until one of my colleagues (who attended the session) told me about his presentation.

So I was doubly thrilled to be participating alongside him in 2011. A shortened version of Ted’s bio reads like this:

Ted Janusz is your business adviser on face-to-face social networking, electronic social networking and, since time refuses to be managed, how to manage ourselves instead. 

This bio doesn’t do him justice, however, so you can read more about him and his

work at Besides being a super nice person and very giving, he’s also got a knack for taking broad reaching and often complicated concepts and explaining them so you understand. Kindred spirits we are- I subscribe to the same philosophy.

Ted’s presentation is designed for those just getting into marketing their agency online and using social media. However, I listened to the entire presentation and discovered a few new ideas that I plan to implement. So I guess you can always learn something new.

Full disclosure here- Ted does use The Insurance Goddess/personal branding and social media usage as one of his “12 Ways.” I did not ask to be included, but am grateful he did. I’ve connected with several great folks due to the presentation. I’m happy to speak with you in more detail as well. Just contact me!

Enjoy Ted’s presentation. I hope you take away some helpful nuggets. I know Ted would be happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to give him a shout.

And if you find this information valuable, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  Thank you.

12 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Insurance Agency

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