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How Do I Get an SSL Certificate?

how do i get an ssl certificate

by ClickSSL - July 23, 2012

Do you really need SSL Certificates? You must know about its requirements. SSL represents the data security to the product purchaser for online transaction for their credit card, debit card information, customer’s contact details. SSL provides a security and trust to the website owner and visitors too. SSL encrypt the information that flows between server and browser so hackers may not take advantage of it. For SSL certificate you should have following essentials.

  • Unique IP address
  • Domain name
  • CSR (certificate signing request)
  • WHOIS record
  • Valid documents related to business or organization

Unique IP address: For SSL certificate you must have a unique IP address. It would be validating by certificate authority and will be sanctioned within three days.  Each certificate requires separate IP.

Domain name: Domain is requiring building a website. Domain names uses at the end of the URL. e.g. “.com”, “.net” and “.org” are the most normally used domain name extensions.  Certificate authorities propose multiple domains. For example: .only host will be varied but the domain will stand unchanged. Domain name will establish you easily.

CSR (certificate signing request): CSR is a text document which is

brought forward on your web server before order for a certificate. CSR usually hold organization name, domain name, and public key, email address, town or city name, country, department of company, state etc. The certificate authority will operate this information to hand over your certificate.

WHOIS record: WHOIS record comprises buyer’s whole contact information, domain name, and IP address. Certificate authority should be ascertained that the WHOIS record should be match with your suggested domain name. There are authorities who use the WHOIS to confirm by calling, mailing etc to client.

Valid documents: For SSL certificate for your business must be clear by certificate authority they may access database of registered companies for your establishment. You have to provide a government registration proof to the certificate authority.

Process:   The ordering process of a SSL certificate is so easy.

  • Select your SSL Certificate type among various categories.
  • Produce CSR with IP address
  • Submit your CSR
  • Validate your documents
  • Finally authority checks the documents and issue certificate
  • Install certificate received in email link

For every online business must have to furnish a security to their customer for that importance of SSL certificate is considerable.

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