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How to obtain a duplicate birth certificate

how to obtain a duplicate birth certificate

The Leon County Tax Collector is pleased to announce a partnership with the Florida Department of Health and the Bureau of Vital Statistics whereby Florida-born citizens may obtain a certified duplicate of their birth certificate from their local tax collector.

How to Obtain A Duplicate Birth Certificate

First, obtain an application by clicking here. Read all instructions carefully before completing the application. Note: Applications for duplicate birth certificates should be completed and submitted by eligible applicants only.

Who is An Eligible Applicant

An eligible applicant is a person at least 18 years of age who is applying for his or her own duplicate birth certificate; or, other eligible persons acting on behalf of an applicant

(i.e. a mother or father whose name appears on the official birth record*; or, person(s) appointed as legal guardian).

Information and Materials Required

- Valid Identification must be provided by all eligible applicants to obtain a duplicate birth Certificate.

- Child's full name presented as it appears on the offical birth record; including, any subsequent name changes.

- City and County where the child was born must be indicated.

- Mother's full name presented (including, mother's maiden name).

- Father's full name presented (if included on the official birth record).

Birth Certificate Cost and Fees

The cost of a duplicate birth certificate is $18.25 ($12.00 plus $6.25 processing fee) .

Payments methods:

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