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How do i get another birth certificate

how do i get another birth certificate

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It's been a while since I've been on here but I've been having these odd things happen to me since my 16th b-day. Umm, so be prepared because this may sound a bit strange.

Okay, so lately I've been sleeping, but not really dreaming, but later on I would have a feeling that that same event has happened to me before, acting like a type of flashback.

And every time I have these certain thoughts or feelings of--I really don't know how to explain it, but I get this gut wrenching feeling at the thought of magic. When this happens I would get a shiver like it's coming from my insides and my hands would heat, literally to the point where I would have to run them under cold water, but one time I tried to focus on cooling them down by just closing my eyes and thinking about ice. Which, surprisingly kind of worked. I say kind of because they still burnt like shit but it cooled it down a bit.

Plus, even when I'm around other people I just feel like I can. sense what they feel and it's really annoying but my twin connection to my sister has become stronger! If I haven't mentioned this

already, my sister and I can feel eachother's emotions. And lately it's becoming stronger. I don't know if that's happening with others but, is it? At least anything similar?

Anyways, another time is when I'm outside I just feel some type of connection, not just to nature itself, but the animals aswell. Okay, so one time my sister and I were outside and there were deer in my back yard. And like literally, no joke, both of the deer stared at us. I know that seems like no big deal but I felt like I was being drawn into them as one looked into my eyes. Like I could understand them almost.

It pretty much creeped me out, not going to lie.

Also, recently I've been seeing and hearing things more prominently. More sharply. I don't I just. I guess I'm just recognizing things more than I have before. But my question is, what does this mean? And, why? And I know it has to do with something way more than just a 'random' feeling. How? I guess I just know.

Another thing is that ive been feeling closer with god too, because I just feel that since I'm accepting myself for having these types of, feelings? Beliefs? I don't know, but as I accept myself I also feel like God is too. if that makes any sense. Which probably sounds crazy and I'm mostlikely having a midlife crisis.

I mean I don't wish for anyone to understand where I'm coming from, but I'm just giving some insight of what's been happening with me. So, thanks to those who actually take the time to read my entry because I'm pretty sure half you guys already lost some interest half way through. Lol! But it's okay you guys are still an awesome group of peeps! ;p If any of you guys have thoughts or even answers to what I said, feel free to share!

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