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How to obtain an original birth certificate

how to obtain an original birth certificate

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Check the requirements for obtaining a birth certificate in the state of Texas. You can order a birth certificate if it is your own certificate, an immediate family member's or the parent looking for her child's certificate. You also must hold a valid state form of identification and request that the birth certificate be sent to an address in the United States, a U.S. military location or a U.S. territory.

Get an application form. You can get a birth certificate application form at your local Vital Statistics Office in person or download it online at .

Gather the required documents for your application, including a valid driver's license, military ID or government ID, and application form. The ID must include a photograph. If you request a birth certificate for a non-immediate family member, you need legal proof that you have a right to get the birth certificate in question. If you don't have a photo ID, you can prove your identity by submitting copies of a recent utility bill and Social Security card.

Order the birth certificate online, in person or

by mail. To order in person, bring you documents to your local Texas Vital Statistics Office. You can pay for the certificate with a check, money order or cash. As of 2010, the Texas Department of State Health Services states that a certified birth certificate costs $22.

When ordering online, go to the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Records Application website at The online application requires you to submit your Social Security number and photo ID number.

To order by mail, send your application to the Texas Vital Statistics Office with copies of your ID, application fee and form and the return delivery fee. You can choose a normal return delivery or express delivery. Mail to:

Texas Vital Statistics

Department of State Health Services

P.O. Box 12040

Austin, TX 78711-204

Look out for fee differences in different cities. The actual fee could differ if you order the birth certificate from your local Vital Statistics Office, instead of the Texas head office. For example, the Dallas Vital Statistics office lists the 2010 price as $23, compared with $22 at the head office.

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