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Memorabilia Guarantee

the definition of trust

Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence; reliance. Certificate Of Authenticity

ItsAlreadySigned4U does conduct paid private signings from time to time. Each signing is witnessed by a representative of ItsAlreadySigned4U. A sequentially numbered tamper-proof hologram is applied to each COA and the matching numbered tamper-proof hologram is applied to the autographed item itself. This creates a Certified Genuine match. If the athlete is an exclusive athlete of ItsAlreadySigned4U like Natalie Gulbis, each hologram features a silhouette of the athlete, and a picture of the athlete at the signing will also accompany each autographed item. The hologram number is then recorded and kept on file permanently in the ItsAlreadySigned4U corporate offices. Rest assured, every effort is made to guarantee you the customer are getting a genuine autograph.

our commitment to you, our valued customer

Our reputation is built on the word "Trust" as it is defined above. ItsAlreadySigned4U obtains only the best authenticated sports memorabilia from the top names in autograph sports memorabilia collecting. Some of our suppliers include Upper Deck Authenticated, TriStar Productions, Athletic Promotional Events, The Highland Mint, Superstar Greetings, All About Autographs, and Real Deal Memorabilia. In order for our valued customers to protect their investment, we also carry the finest in display cases direct from Caseworks International. We rely on the integrity, sound principles, and have great confidence in the methods and practices of our sports memorabilia suppliers.

We've investigated and compared authenticity programs from a number of companies and have hand picked those we choose to do business with. Therefore, rest assured, you can also rely on our integrity, sound principles, and have confidence in us to supply you with the finest in authenticated sports memorabilia products.

You'll will notice on our site that on occasion we may offer the same item from more than one vendor. It is solely your choice which vendor you want your product to come from and thereby certify its authenticity. Every autographed sports memorabilia supplier we use is extremely reputable in the sports memorabilia business and guarantee their items 100%. None of our suppliers are paid advertisers on this site, therefore, we have no preference which company you choose. We can guarantee that we will handle your transaction quickly and efficiently with you receiving your products in a timely manner.

Below you will find a short synopsis about a few, but not by any means all, of our sports memorabilia suppliers and a link to their individual authenticity information. Feel free to read

how they each guarantee their product's authenticity to you.

some of our memorabilia suppliers

upper deck authenticated

Ever since Upper Deck revolutionized the sports trading card experience in 1988, their Number One mission has been to capture the excitement of the game and deliver it to fans of all ages through high quality, innovative, authentic sports memorabilia and collectible products.

The cornerstone of their business is based on sports trading cards, but over the years their brand has expanded to include other products such as autographed sports memorabilia.

Autograph forgeries make victims out of unsuspecting fans. Upper Deck Authenticated became the first company to find an answer to the forgery problem by creating an airtight five-step authentication system that assures fans are getting genuine autographs. Today the company has autograph relationships with the game's biggest stars and produces some of the finest sports memorabilia on the market. More about Upper Deck Authenticated .

tristar productions

TriStar Productions, Inc. was formed in 1987 in Houston, Texas, with the purpose of specializing in the production of quality sports collectible shows. Over the past fifteen years, president Jeff Rosenberg has led the company to the leading edge of the industry, as its present prestigious reputation as the vanguard of the industry is illustrated by being named "Show Promoter of the Year" by the industry trade association (SCAI) every year the award has been presented since 1993.

TheTriStar Productions, Inc. Authentication Process includes a numbered TriStar Authentic hologram affixed to all items signed at TriStar shows and private signings. TriStar sports memorabilia owners have the opportunity to go online and verify the authenticity of the signature. Just enter the TriStar Authentic hologram number on the item into the computer by visiting and you will instantly see the date and location of when and where the autograph was obtained and more. Feel free to browse TriStar's Authentication Process.

Athletic Promotional Events

Athletic Promotional Events, Inc. stakes its reputation on every item that we sell, and authenticity is our number one priority. Every signature has been witnessed by a company representative and is marked with their own unique hologram. Each item also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that features a photo of the athlete signing the item and a matching hologram. Each and every autograph is guaranteed for life to be authentic.

They take great care to assure that the items APE ships are second to none. Each signature is screened for imperfections and they stand behind every jersey, helmet, ball, bat, and photo that features their hologram.

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