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How to obtain human resources certification

how to obtain human resources certification

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Commit yourself to achieving high standards in the HR program at your place of employment. You must have a great desire for achievement and progress in order to reach a state of excellence in performance. This kind of passion will give you an edge in experience when you take the HR certification exam.

Enroll in college preparation classes. A number of colleges such as Kaplan and Walden Universities offer training preparation courses for taking the HR certification examination. In addition, you can find several practice examinations on the online website of the Human Resource Certification Institute. The actual PHR certification examination is over two hundred questions and about four

hours long.

Devote as much time as possible to studying for your HR certification exam. The amount of time you put into practical experiences, classes, and study will be determined by the level of certification you desire. The study preparation for a Professional Human Resource(PHR) certification should be no less than 30 hours a week while the study for a Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) certification or the Global Professional Human Resources certification (GPHR) should be giving forty hours or more.

Obtain two consecutive years of (exempt level) HR experience prior to taking PHR examination, four years of (exempt level) experience before taking the SPHR examination, and two years of global(exempt level) experience before taking the GPHR examination.

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