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How to obtain mexican birth certificate

how to obtain mexican birth certificate

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Write down the following details: the name you were given at birth, the names of your parents, the date of your birth, the location of your birth and government-issued identification number, if known.

Make a quick search of through the online public documents via the Mexican Vital Records Index (see Resources). If you locate your birth record, you can verify the church, parish or town where the original birth certificate was filed.

Call the Registro Civil (Registration Office) in the town of your birth to determine the correct fee for obtaining a copy of your birth certificate.

Send a written request via certified mail to the Registro Civil Oficina in the district you were born in. Be sure to include all the information you have gathered, a self-addressed, stamped envelope (with the correct international postage) and an international money order or cashier's check in the amount the Registro Civil has requested.

Go to the Mexican Embassy or Consulate nearest you,

if you have no luck obtaining your birth certificate in the manner listed above. Give them your birth details and explain the steps you have taken to recover the missing document.

Take a trip to the town of your birth and visit the Registro Civil in person, if you feel this would be more constructive than a visit to the embassy. This particular alternative works best if you're planning a trip south of the border anyway, otherwise it may be prohibitively expensive, depending on how far you must travel. This is the most secure method of document replacement, as no one else will be given your personal details.

Hire someone to represent you. There are a number of organizations you can contact through the Internet that specialize in the recovery of foreign vital records, such as ActaExpress and Mexico Birth Records Guaranteed. Check to make sure the company you choose is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau before paying any fees or giving out personal information.

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