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How to pass actuarial exam p

how to pass actuarial exam p

Journey to Passing Exam P

Hi Everyone!

I decided I'm going to create a journal on how I past the Exam P. I plan on passing this Exam P on my birthday which will be in late in March. I'm tired of not being able to pass this test twice and paying $200 for Exam P when I can use that money to pay off my college loans. So I decided to approach it differently and hopefully pass the Exam P. Heck, I am going to pass the Exam P in late March. I am planning to pass all the 4 Exams this year. I know I need to research more about VEE courses which I lack knowledge of.

Why waste a thread about passing the Exam P?
  • So others don't have to ask me how I past the test.
  • I could be someone's GUINEA PIG for TIA and show them my views on TIA.
  • How I prepared for the test.
  • Post questions that I have stuck on SOA 153 and how the other helpful posters would solve it.
  • How negative feedback can help you or not help you and makes you piss off.
  • Did I study all the time? Or do I go have fun as well?
  • To show you how I studied for my Exam P
  • Motivation from other posters.
  • Quotes that kept me from giving up.

What were my scores for the past 2 tests?

Zero. I studied my butt off

for that test. I studied SOA 153 Questions for my first Exam P. It was tough. I didn't score a single point. Ha ha I know that's quite sad. Then the second time, that EXAM P consisted nothing like SOA 153. I was pissed off that day you had no idea. I know others will tell me "don't bother taking the Exam P if you are going to score a zero again and you'll never become an Actuary. Choose a different profession." Ha ha ;] go for it. I can handle criticism.

What I used
  • TIA Exam P <-- $197.50 Student Discount
  • SOA 153 Questions
  • Study Guides posted in the Study Guide Thread. I don't know who I used, which I will later have to find out. I probably end up creating my own. Who knows. But for temporary, someone's else Study Guide so I could remember the formula.
  • ACTEX Manual <-- Tried answering the questions. Totally failed. Hence I'm giving TIA a try.
  • Songs/Soundtracks that I listened to while studying.

When do I plan to take this March Exam P

I'm debating the 24th or the 31st. Depends when the dates are available and the location. I'll keep you posted. All I know is I have about 50 days to make sure I know my stuff.

Time for me to purchase TIA and start studying and post my Day 1 of 50 Days later.



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