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How to pass pals certification

How to pass PALS Online Course: Exam Tips

Sep 30, 2014

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So, you need to pass your pediatric advanced life support (PALS) certification or recertification exam? There are several methods of studying, including memorization and note taking, but these approaches are tedious and uninteresting to most. Aside from making students drained, the typical manner in which health care professionals study for their medical certification exams are often ineffective due to lack of retention. Memorizing the seemingly countless algorithms, pharmacological tools, and protocols does not have to be as dull as you think! Consider the tips below on more enjoyable and successful methods of studying for your upcoming PALS course:

1. Organize yourself – This is often easier said than done. Organizing yourself can dramatically alter your life, especially concerning your medical certification exams. Arrange yourself as a student by purchasing a planner or agenda. Take note of the times and dates of each study session. Be sure to include details on the lesson you will focus on each day to manage your entire manual in a timely manner. Utilizing a planner will give you a routine that incorporates studying for your PALS exam.

2. Color code – A visual learner can highly benefit from color-coding their study materials including notes, flash cards, and manuals. While reading your manual, consider highlighting the information you need to review in blue, test questions in pink, and the most important concepts in yellow. This will cause association and allow for easier retention and recall while taking the final exam. Aside from highlighting, consider using colored paper or different colored pens.

3. Rewrite notes – This

is one of the most effective techniques of remembering information for the PALS exam. Although rewriting can be time consuming, it can be one of the most productive manners of studying. Rewriting your notes reinforces the information you have already learned.

4. Switch it up – Cramming at your desk can is frequently the only place students study. Switching up the location in which you study can make the tedious task more interesting, causing improved alertness. Consider venturing into a local library, coffee shop or study with a friend outside. Also, be sure to take breaks in between long study sessions to avoid sleepiness. Stretching or taking a brisk walk can radically increase vigilance.

5. Get some sleep and eat well – While these are things you should consistently be practicing, it is often difficult to implement a healthy lifestyle during high-stress times. It is crucial, however, to get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat a heart-healthy diet in order to retain the information. Without adequate sleep. the hours you spent studying could easily go to waste. Prolonged sleep deprivation will affect your mood, consequently causing irritability and inability to focus.

6. Stimulate the PALS test environment – Taking online practice exams specifically designed to manipulate the actual PALS final exam can noticeably improve test scores.

Now that you have some tips on passing your PALS course, studying can be more pleasant and applicable. Reading the manual, knowing the drugs and rhythms are crucial, but studying doesn't stop there! A great PALS provider will go above and beyond to save the lives of their victims! You don't necessarily have to study more, just more effectively!

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