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How to pick auto insurance

how to pick auto insurance

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jae 01:33 AM 08-02-2015

How do you pick which auto insurance company to go with? Thinking about moving from State Farm for a better rate. Never had an accident, last speeding ticket (7 miles over) was in 2010-2011. Seems like every company has terrible reviews, and I'm sure they vary state-to-state.

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In general, go with whoever gives you your coverage at the cheapest rate. I have Statefarm as they've generally been the cheapest for me as well as being really cool in my claims

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All reviews for insurance companies suck. They are great at taking your money, but when it comes time to get some of that back via a claim they become your worst nightmare.

I have 3 properties and 2 cars with 4 different insurance companies right now. I had a house claim with State Farm (that I had to fight them to payout) and then when my Evo came up for renewal they doubled my rates on it.

Ferzerp 09:42 AM 08-03-2015

There are two ways. Go dirt cheap and be unsure what will happen if you need to make a claim or have a long relationship with a company with local agents.

I'd never go bottom of the barrel on insurance. I may pay 10-15% more than I otherwise would, but I know that I won't have any issues if I need to make a claim due to past experiences (we all have our oopses when learning to drive). Those couple hundred dollars a year are worth it to me.

Then again, my home insurance is very cheap through them.

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I have Amica on both my home and cars. Not the cheapest but not exorbitantly more. Them and USAA consistently get the best customer reviews, I can't get USAA so Amica it is. They are the only ones who I have had that don't just raise rates for the hell of it. Had Geico and Liberty Mutual both raise rates with no claims or other changes. Liberty Mutual literally double my home owners rate. Haven't had any problems and consistent rates with Amica.

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For me it was a no-brainer. My Father-In-Law was an Officer in the Air Force so my wife and I qualify for USAA and that's the company we went with. Been with them for 23 years. No other insurance company comes close.

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I call around 3-5 places every year when I find out how much the current place wants. If I find someone that can beat it by 5% or more I switch.

They will raise your rates or just drop you in a second, why should you give them any more thought as well?

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USAA for me. I've checked around and so far no other companies can offer close to the same level of coverage for the money.

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Do you live in a state with a decent, proactive insurance agency? If so this lessens the likelihood of terrible customer service. Make sure you know your rights and the law. In 40+ years of dealing with insurers I've only had an adjuster try to blow smoke up my butt once-and he quickly backed off when I quoted him the relevant state statute requiring a full payout of the policy limits in a total loss (house fire).

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My suggestion is change insurance companies every few years because once your with a company, their rates will increase each time (they almost all give a lower initial but soon it will be time to shop around. There a few exceptions that stay at a fair rate but it is having a really good agent and often involves companies that seldom advertise (Not your Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, type). If you qualify () groups like USAA may allow you to have good insurance at an fair rate over time. That said the 2nd poster said it well "In general, go with whoever gives you your coverage at the cheapest rate."

USAA is great. unless you have a teen driver in the family. Then they try to rape you on every car in the policy. I repeatedly told them my son would never drive the other cars but the reps just kept repeating "safeguard the association". So why bother asking me which person drives which car?

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