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How to promote gift certificates

how to promote gift certificates

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Include gift certificate advertising in your off-site ads. Add a line about your certificate program to all print ads, coupons, radio and TV spots. Remind fans of your gift card program on your social media sites, especially around holidays.

Consider offering customer promotions. For example, a coffee shop might say, "Buy $20 in gift certificates and receive a free medium espresso drink of your choice." Another restaurant might say, "Receive a free $10 gift card for every $50 of gift cards you purchase."

Talk with local businesses about using your gift cards as employee or client rewards. For example, an IT company looking for a fun and affordable employee-relations program might give each employee a $3 gift card to the local ice cream parlor on the employee's birthday or company anniversary.

Consider donating gift certificates to local charity events. Your contribution will catch the attention of attendees and organization members, and it will remind people that you offer a certificate program.

Advertise within your

store. Put table tents on each table and fliers on the insides of each restroom stall door. Place a gift-card insert in each menu. Place signage at the point of purchase. If your guests check out at a register, create a gift card display by each register.

Train your servers to offer and explain the gift card program to all customers. Consider offering monthly server promotions. Award the server with the highest total dollar value of card sales and the highest number of individual card sales with a bonus or other incentive. Set a minimum amount of sales to qualify for the contest.

Check your register and credit card processing systems to see if you can add a promotion line at the bottom of each check and/or credit card receipt. If so, include a line such as, "If you enjoyed your meal, give someone else a chance to experience us--ask your server about our gift cards." If your systems makes it easy to change the message, adjust your messages to reflect the season.

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