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possible car insurance fraud, how do i prove?

how to prove insurance fraud

possible car insurance fraud, how do i prove?


you might have to persevere as it will look complicated.

first, i was hit on a roundabout in sept 08, my car was only 9 days old too!

now its a notorious r/b, bus lanes n'all,

someone even made a song about it a few years ago!

but i go on it everyday and know it like the back of my hand and know when and when not to try and sneak a few car lengths safely and legally on it,

anyway, a car cut into my lane (left) he was in the middle lane just as we were exiting it, there's 2 lanes to get off at this point,

but the middle lane often gets stationary cars due to lights for the next exit,

this man must have seen this and swept across hit my back side wheel arch,

looks straight forward he's at fault at this point,

my g/f got out of my car and was sick on the causeway (she's a terrible traveller!),

he signaled us to get off the r/b, to which we got to a lay-by 100yrds up in which we exchanged details,

he was probably a rep, newish bmw,

he gave me his business card, his address was about 150 miles from here, he rang me later to swap policy details as he didn't know them at the time,

all ok at this point,

however, after 3 months of

waiting for my excess to be returned, i called my insurers up,

it now turns out he's got a witness to say i came across and hit him,

but surely if that was the case id have also hit the car in front of him!

and nobody else stopped or followed us up when we exchanged details.

im 100% sure im in the right and furious he's shifted the entire blame on me, i would be annoyed if it they said it was even a "knock for knock"

ive told my insurers of this, they have the name of the witness but no address,or cant tell me.

id bet my bottom dollar he either lives near the other driver some 150 miles away from the incident,

or is a customer of him who has a business local to me.

but how could i prove this?

if he does live near the other man, 1st what are the odds on them both been on the same r/b that far away from home, and why didn't he stop and come up with us.

or me proving they are in league together as in business associates?

i know this witness is false, but what are my chances of me, or more to the point, my insurers taking the time to try and prove this?

which i seriously doubt they wont be bothered about even though they will have to pay 100% of the damage caused.

ta for bearing with me, K

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