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Thread: adding fathers name on birth certificate

how to put fathers name on birth certificate

adding fathers name on birth certificate

hi guys, I need some help!

Basically i have a 4 month old son. His dad and and I are not together anymore, we split before i found out i was pregnant. The reason we split was because he was controlling and violent and although i tried to stick it out i just couldn't cope with him anymore. I told him straight away about the pregnancy but all throughout he denied it and said the baby wasn't his.

Once my son was born, he got in contact with me as he wanted to see the son he was now saying was his. After much thought i let him see his son. I chose at the time of registering the birth not to put his dad's details on there as i wanted him to prove himself as a dad before i gave him full responsibility. Things were going great, he acknowledgedhe was a dad and to be honest i couldn't have asked for a better dad for my son.

Now four months later things have changed, my sons dad now refuses to see him on Fridays and Saturdays (the days he had chosen to see him) as he thinks i am going to go out and find another man, he is beginning to stalk me, as in he sits outside my house, follows me etc: i have reported all

this to the police. If he does see our son he will drop him off usually within the hour without telling me first in the hope he can catch me with someone else. He has refused to ever give me money and has now stopped buying my son things such as nappies.

My son's dad has tried reporting me to social services but this failed as when they came out to see me they found nothing wrong and the case was closed.

My ex is now saying if i put him on the birth certificate all this would stop. I did see a solicitor today about this and talked about getting an injunction against him and about his rights if on the certificate. She basically said that if i were to add him on the certificate then he still has no more rights than if he wasn't on it. Thing is when i Google his rights all the searches says he has automatic parental rights as soon as he is added so now i am confused, is the solicitor right or the Google searches.

I still don't think he should have rights as although i know he can be a great dad i still think there is a chance he could take my son away for good or refuse to give him back.

Does anyone know anything about this and/or have experience of this.

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