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How can I reduce my auto insurance premiums - Get lower auto insurance with no money down

how to reduce auto insurance rates

Teenagers are the highest at risk amongst car insurance buyers. This is because they are immature and have fresh driving licenses therefore considered inexperienced drivers. A recent survey shows that youngsters between the ages of 16 - 20 are more likely to crash their cars as compared to more mature and experienced drivers. So how to reduce car insurance premium?

For teenagers there are three ways in which they can reduce their insurance premiums;

• As your parents always tell you ‘get good grades’. Yes, it may sound hilarious but many insurance companies consider students who score an average “B” to be much more responsible, as they exhibit such potential in each and every aspect of their life.

• The most sensible option on how can I reduce my auto insurance premiums is to purchase a used car for your teenager. This will help especially if the car is paid for in full.

• As parents you may want to ask your insurance company to increase the ‘tax deductable’ on your teenager’s car. This is basically the amount you pay for expenses prior to the insurance company covering the rest of the cost. This reduces the cost of the insurance policy.

This does not mean that other drivers above the age of 20 pay lower premiums. You may have noticed that your agent will ask you plenty of questions when preparing your quotation.

These questions may or may not affect your premium. Listed below are some of the factors that may help reducing your premium;

Age and Sex

People always wonder how to reduce auto insurance premium? These two factors play a great and important role in calculating the premium one has to pay. Statistics show that women are less likely to have an accident which is serious. Therefore many couples register the primary driver as the female. Also the older you are the lower the premium you pay as you are less likely to file a claim.



It is a well known fact that more robberies take place in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Therefore your location is a main concern for your insurer.

If you agree to pay a higher excess on every claim you can reduce the auto insurance premium you pay as, it helps reduce the liability of the insurance company and hence you get a lower premium rate.

Consolidating Policies

The more policies you buy from one insurer the more the discount you get.

The older the car the lower the premium. You may be able to afford a new car but the cost of the premium you will have to pay may put a hole thru your wallet.

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