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How to remove certificates

how to remove certificates

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My client installed a hole bunch of certificates on his SBS 2011 with out the wizard.

i reissued the self generated certificate with the wizard but cannot install the one i bought.

When i try to install the bought certificate with the wizard it crashes.

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The best way to check on your SBS 2011 Certificates is to go to the Microsoft Management Console at Start | Run| MMC and from there you would go to File | Add-Remove Snap-ins | then choose just Certificates.

From there on the Left side menu click on the "+" Sign next to Certificate and Click on the first folder there which should say Personal. It is here where you can See the Certificates installed or where you can Delete or Install the SSL Certificates

to access your Server remotely.

There are a few other things you have to take into account that ARE Important. First is that SBS 2011 runs IIS 7.5 version of Microsoft Web Server. Second Microsoft uses the PKCS # 7 SSL Certificate Standard. Third Microsoft also uses the Intermediate Certificate standard and that you should always use the 2048 bit SSL Certificate standard when requesting an SSL Certificate.

I have used many SSL Certificate companies and have found the Best to use and get help with when you need it is both GoDaddy and DigiCert. Your Mileage May Vary with these 2 companies but I have found them to be Very helpful, in my opinion. GoDaddy has knowledgeable people to answer Support 24 hours a day and DigiCert is either 18 to 24 Hour daily Support too.

Please check out these links from GoDaddy an DigiCert for additional information

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