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How to request a birth certificate

Things You'll Need

Government-issued identification card


Contact the Division of Department of Vital Statistics. Typically this state agency maintains offices in different locations throughout the state where you can make contact in person. In the alternative, you can send a written request to the agency. Finally, the typical Vital Statistics agency maintains an Internet website through which you can request different records.

Request what legally is known as a certified copy of a birth certificate. A notarized copy authenticated by the governmental agency charged with maintaining the original is called a "certified copy." Whether you make the request in person, by mail or over the Internet, it must be made in writing. An in-person request or one made online is done with a standardized request form.



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bureaucrats enjoy difficult or time-consuming bureaucratic processes. You might find yourself needing to have your birth certificate translated and verified.

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You'll need a certified copy of your birth certificate to register for school, or to travel anywhere outside the U.S. that requires.

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These documents include official copies of birth certificates. the notary can either affix a seal or certificate attesting to the document's.

If you need to copy a notary certification, a mere duplicate likely will be inadequate. How to Get a Certified Copy.

An apostille is when a notarized or certified document is authenticated by the state. How to Get an Apostille for a.

Authenticating a birth certificate involves the notary process with additional legal requirements beyond those utilized for other types of documents.


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