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How to sale insurance

how to sale insurance

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Ways to Sell Insurance Policies

Design a website detailing your insurance policies. Include some guides that will help your visitors understand each of your policies, so they can make a choice that's right for them. If possible, set your website up to give instant online quotes for each insurance policy that you sell.

If you don't think you can build the website, hire a website designer to create the site for you. Although most web designers can be expensive, the sales you could generate through your site could earn you a return on your wise investment.

Create business cards and brochures using your computer. You'll need these materials to help you sell insurance policies. Your business cards should include your name, title (e.g. sales agent), address, website URL, email address and contact phone numbers. Include the same information on the back of your brochures, but on the inside of your brochures, state what insurance policies you're selling and list the benefits of each policy.

Learn effective cold calling techniques, so you can sell insurance policies over the phone. When you finally start cold calling, focus on setting up an

appointment rather than trying to make the sale over the phone. Set up an appointment by offering to send the potential buyers more information about the policies you're selling (your brochure). If they agree to let you send them the information, ask for their mailing address. Allow them a minimum of one month to read and study your brochure, then make a follow-up phone call to see if they'd be interested in setting up an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. The face-to-face meeting is where you should make the sale.

Gather mailing addresses and send your business card, brochure and a sales letter to everyone on the list.

Visit businesses in your area. Speak with the owner or manager at each of those businesses about your group health insurance policies. Let them know how the policy will benefit them and their employees. If they tell you they already have group health insurance with another company, offer them a free quote.

Offer to speak to groups about insurance that would benefit them. After you speak about health insurance, life insurance or another type of insurance that you sell, hand out your business cards and brochures.

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